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World Poultry Foundation releases video series for Africa’s poultry farmers

The World Poultry Foundation in the US has developed a series of online training videos aimed to help rural African poultry farmers to improve or expand their operations.

The new series of training videos cover management of feed, water, brooding, vaccination, record-keeping, biosecurity and poultry housing.

World Poultry Foundation CEO, Randall Ennis, says these are keys areas where challenges exist among many new and emerging farmers across the African continent.

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“We found they were able to significantly improve their outputs and profits once they had access to information on best practices,” says Ennis.

The series is grouped into 4 categories, namely:

  • Production: feed, water, litter, zone of comfort (brooding)
  • Management: vaccination, managing for success (record-keeping)
  • Housing: poultry housing, preparing the house, and biosecurity
  • Small-scale producer: household nutrition, and backyard management

Ennis adds that the videos and other tools available to emerging farmers in Africa are in line with improving overall poultry management and in the introduction of more productive dual-purpose birds at the rural village level.

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