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Soja Goat: Characteristics, Origin, Breed Information and Lifespan [Is Soja goat good for rearing?]

Soja Goat breed information, facts and origin

There are hundreds of goat breeds available throughout the world.

Each breed has its unique characteristics and qualities which makes it different from the other, while goats generally are known for some collective features.

The difference in their breeds affirms a discrepancy in their characters and behaviour the Soja goat breed is not an exception to this.

Here, we are describing the Soja goat breed. 

Some breeds of goats are known for milk production, while others are known for meat production.

The milk-producing goats are mostly considered not good for commercial purpose (Unless when dealing with milk production only).

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On the other hand, the meat-producing goats are good for commercial purpose, the Soja goat is in this category, the meat-producing goats. 

Origin of the Soja Goat

Soja goat
Soja goat

Soja goat originated from the Rajasthan State of India, it is mainly found in the Phalodi, Pipar and other major areas of the Rajasthan, They are also found in some other South Asian countries. 

Characteristics of the Soja Goat

They are very hardy, require less care, and therefore can survive in almost all climates.

The goat reproduces easily and therefore are a great breed for meat production.

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With mostly white color and spots (black), the Soja goats are considered one of the most beautiful of the goat breeds.

They have long and flat drooping ears, they have a short tail and share great qualities with the Jamunapari goat breeds. 

They are widely considered to be products of a crossbreeding involving the Jamunapari breeds of goats.

Mature does have well-developed udder and weighs between 45kg to 65kg, mature bucks are bigger than the does and also weigh more.

Care for the Soja Goat

They need little or no care, it survives under any weather condition.

Though, a farmer is expected to care and maintain the goat in any possible way, regular feeding is helpful in their survival.

They need food for growth and reproduction.

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Cleaning of the goat house is also important. Leftover food materials should be removed and replaced on a regular basis. 

Breeding in Soja goat

They are good breeders, non-seasonal breeders and therefore are capable of breeding any time of the year.

The Soja goat mostly gives birth to a single kid, or two, but hardly produce three or more in a single breeding period. 

Farming requirements of Soja goats

The goat performs well in an intensive system of goat rearing.

They are very active and appreciate moderate climatic condition, though will still survive otherwise.

They eat a variety of food, goats generally are herbivores in feeding.

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They are naturally strong, but admires appreciable care from the farmer in terms of feeding and maintenance.


As a meat-producing breed of goat, This breed of goat east a wide range of food materials.

They perform well with herbs full of protein and other energy-containing food materials, water is also an important part of their food.

They are not selective in feeding and feeds well on another goat food.  They require quality food for growth and meat production.

Uses of the Soja goat

They are mainly reared for meat production and so serve meat purpose.

They grow heavy in body size and therefore good for commercial farming as their price is always high in both local and urban markets. 


Aside from being good in meat production, This breed is guilty of lack of milk production, they are not good at producing milk.

Diseases of the Soja goat

Just like every other goat, the Soja goats are affected by quite a several goat diseases.

They are of different types and are caused by different varieties of pathogens, diseases affect the productivity of the goat. 

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In most cases, if not controlled, diseases cause death. Goat diseases are of course a major determinant in productivity of the goats. 

The market value.

As good meat producers, this breed is of great market value, they possess large body size at maturity and therefore commands good price in the market


Soja goat is a breed of goat to consider when farming or rearing goats for meat purposes, they are good meat producers due to their large body size.

They are hardy, active and survives different range of unfavorable climatic conditions.

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They have a good adaptive ability which aids their survival under harsh conditions.

They are a good breed for commercial goat farming.   

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