Eight proven ways to make Profit from snail farming Business

snail farming for profit

Snail farming for profit: Proven profit making tips in snail farming

Often time, when you talk about snail farming, people always ask questions about how profitable snail farming is.

It’s a regular question when discussing snail farming, just like other agro-business ideas.

There is somewhat of a general doubt from those who haven’t been in the business of snail farming about its profitability.

This is not surprising though because most times what is written on paper is not what is obtainable in the farm.

The truth is, Snail farming is highly profitable and beneficial, but you must do it right to get it right.

In our previous post, we highlighted the common mistakes most snail farmers make, once you avoid those mistakes, you are a step towards making profit in snail farming.

In this article, we will talk about the key things you need to do, if you must make profit in snail farming.

You will learn what you need to do, to make a good profit from your snail business and how you can achieve them.

To make profit in snail farming, you need to take the following practices into consideration.

  • Get the required knowledge before starting

It is not news that most farmers started snail farming without learning/acquiring the right knowledge about snail.

This is because, we assume that snail farming is just about collecting snail from the bush, putting them in a container and then sell when they grow, it is way bigger than that now..

The reality is that to raise snails well and profitably, you must get the right knowledge about snails and snail farming.

You must be trained accordingly, practical knowledge is usually better in most cases because it avails you the opportunity to experience snail farming before starting yours.

snail farming

You don’t have to start, make the mistakes, and learn from your mistakes, it will frustrate your desire to engage in snail farming.

Getting the right training will help you make the right decisions, understand what the snails need, how best to care for the snails and how to sell your snails.

You should learn, then invest, and practice what you have been taught, this is one of the easiest ways to engage in snail farming for profit.

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  • Take the right steps

One thing you must know in every business, in fact, life in general is, how much you make out of what you are doing mostly doesn’t depend on what you are doing but how you are doing it.

It is almost not about the business but the person in charge of the business, same goes to snail farming for profit.

It is more about you, the farmer, than snail farming as a business.

How to make money from snail farm
So how are you handling your snail farm? Are you doing what you are supposed to do?

Even if you are doing what is required of you, are you doing it right?

Are you doing it on time? the right time. You must always observe your snails, changes in their behaviours are signs.

You must understand these signs. When snails become quiet and always in their shells, they are showing signs of unfavourable condition.

As a snail farmer, being conversant with these signs will save you from unexpected expenses, reduce stress and help you make more profit.

  • Maintain a clean farm

You can hardly succeed in snail farming if you don’t take the health of your snails serious, this has to do with what you feed the snails.

How often you clean the snail pen, how proactive you are in ensuring that insects don’t invade the snail pen.

When the health of your snails is questionable, you are already losing, to make profit, you must keep the snails and the snail house clean.

  • Feed the snails properly

Even though snails eat a wide variety of food, you must know that they enjoy some food materials over others.

Proper feeding aids in rapid growth, to get the most out of your snails, you must feed them properly.

Supply your snails enough calcium-containing substances, this helps in the growth of the shell.

Do not feed your snails rotten or spoilt food materials, they can cause harm to the snails.

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Feed them on time and as constant as they demand or needs it, do not forget that, regular feeding may not be as important as proper feeding.

Properly prepared snail food contains the needed nutrients, this should be your feeding target.

Do not just feed them, feed them food materials with the right proportion of ingredients.

This will aid their growth and development.

  • Have a good Marketing plan.

Snails farmers mostly underrate the need to market their products, this is because there are available markets for snails both in rural and urban areas.

But to make extra profit, you must have a good marketing strategy, be able to get your snails to areas they are needed in high quantity.

A shaky or unproductive marketing strategy leads to nothing but loss.

You should have a good marketing strategy, one that will see your snails already booked before they are fully matured.

A good marketing plan is very important in making a profit in snail farming.

Snail farming for profit 

Generally, to be successful with snail farming for profit idea, you need to get the right training, reading articles is a good idea but practical training is far better.

Take your time to learn, get trained and equip yourself before starting your farm.

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Whatever decision you take, directly or indirectly affects your farm, so make the right decisions.

Learn to prevent dangerous incidents before they happen as long as it’s possible to prevent such incidents.

Incidents such as insect invasion, stealing and damages that could be caused by other climatic conditions, can all be avoided

Snail farming can sometimes be time-consuming so, you need to plan your time very well.

How to start a snail farm

Close monitoring of changes in the behaviour of your snails is very good for the prevention of negative occurrences.

A very observant farmer can notice a little change and handle the cause before it becomes a bigger issue, always observe your snails.

Summary of snail farming for profit

To make profit in snail farming, you need to first get the right training, take the right steps and then market your products efficiently.

The idea of snail farming for profit is centered on getting your choice right, so as to make more profit from your farm.

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We hope this encourages you to take the right steps in your snail farm so you can make more profit.

If you have any question, suggestion, or an experience based on what we have discussed, you can share with us in the comment box below we would love to hear from you.


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