Complete Snail Farming For Beginners PDF Training Guide

Snail farming for beginners PDF training

Why this Snail farming for beginners PDF training guide? 

To be frank with you “One of the worst mistakes you can make in snail farming business is starting your snail farm without any form of  Snail farming training or knowledge”.

I am pleased to write this today, believe me, a lot of persons have lost hugely in snail farming because of one mistake or the other. 

This mostly happen to beginners, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will stop soon because many persons still venture into snail farming without any knowledge about snails farming.

I am sure you must have heard this statement “Snail farming is so easy” 

If  yes, I must say, that’s true, the person who said that to you didn’t lie but were you told that it’s also so easy for all your snails to die in just two nights?

I doubt

But check the picture below


Over 14,000 snails lost within two months. Fourteen Thousand snails, that’s more than a million naira worth of snails if sold, all lost in two months, did I say a million? 

Let’s do a little calculation

If those 14,000 snails had stayed alive, grow (you notice from the picture that they are already getting to sexual maturity), and lay eggs. 

Let say out of the 14,000 snails, 1,000 snails didn’t produce eggs. (well this is not even possible but let’s just pretend it happened) and each 13,000 snails produced 40 eggs each.

You and I know that snails lay more than that but for the sake of reducing exaggeration, let’s keep the number at 40 eggs.

40×13,000== 520,000 new snails that will mature and you sell them off.  

Over 520,000 snails gone. That’s a HUGE LOSS.

Even if you sell 520,000 snails #100 each, well calculate the amount yourself and see what someone lost in two months.


If the owner had decided to sell the 14,000 snails off at maturity without keeping them till they lay eggs, lets assume he sold each snail #200. Snails sells way more than that but let’s keep the price as low as possible.

200x14,000 gives you #2,800,000 (Two million eight hundred thousand naira).

The funny thing about this loss is that what led to it is just a little avoidable mistake. Just a little mistake that could have been avoided if he was well trained before starting his farm.

Of everything that should kill your snails, temperature should be the least because it’s the easiest to handle but look at what lack of training did here. 14,000 snails lost.

Here is another


2,000 snails within a week, the truth about snail farming is that, if you have the right knowledge, snail farming business is one of the easiest and most profitable agribusiness currently but without the right knowledge.

You are a few mistakes away from ruining your farm. There are three basic requirements to run a snail farming business successfully

  1. The knowledge
  2. A place to keep your snails
  3. Proper Implementation of your knowledge.

It is not enough to have the knowledge, though that’s the key to becoming a successful snail farmer because without the knowledge, other factors are meaningless.

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Once you have the required knowledge, a place to keep your snails, then you can properly implement what you know. You are definitely going to be successful in snail farming business.

So, how do you acquire the knowledge? its very simple, training. What I am trying to say here is simple, you can hardly succeed or make money from snail farming if you don’t do things right?  

You need to undergo an Easy step by step training, whether online or offline. Not big grammar training but a Step by step, in simple and easy to understand manner.

This is one of the reasons the Agrogit Team  (AGROGIT stands for Agricultural Growth, Innovation and Training, you can check our website prepared a simple Snail farming for beginners pdf training guide (easy and simple to understand guide, no big grammar)

Let me appeal to you.

If you are looking for a place where you will be told “How you can make millions in six months” by starting snail farming today, then kindly note that you won’t find it here because this is not the right place for such fallacy.

We are not interested in telling you what is not obtainable, something that is impossible.

We know that’s what people love to hear but it will be of no benefits to this team that we lied to you and at the end of the day, you find out that it was all a lie.

No, that’s not what we are known for.

But, if you want to learn how you can start your snail farm from beginning through managing your farm till you become a pro in snail farming, and then make good profit, then relax your mind, we will get you started soon.

The truth is and I will say it boldly, Snail farming is one of the most profitable agribusinesses in the country.

Snail rearing is a highly profit yielding farming venture when properly and professionally managed.

Note that part, properly managed. 

That is the only way to avoid the same mistake that the two persons in the pictures above made.

And that is the reason the AGROGIT Team has worked so hard to bridge this gap.

We have prepared this easy step by step training guide, the training covers all you need to know.

Snail farming for beginners PDF training

Here are what you will learn from this snail farming for beginners PDF training guide

You will learn about;

  • The behaviour and nature of snail and how snails respond to their environment.
  • What you must do before you can start your snail farm.
  • What you should do before constructing your snail farm
  • The types of snail farm you can build.
  • What you need for your farm and how to construct your snail farm
  • How to prepare the environment for your snails
  • How to get your snails and where to get your snails
  • The types of snails to farm or rear and where to get them.
  • What snails eat and how to formulate your snail food.
  • Where to get your snails food.
  • How to introduce your snails to the pen.
  • How to manage your snails and take care of them.
  • Challenges of snail farming and how to handle them.
  • Mistakes snail farmers make and how to avoid them.
  • And finally, how to market and make a profit from snail farming.

It is a complete work, and one you don’t want to miss

And guess what, it’s so Affordable 

Yes, we are currently running a promo and we would love you to be part of this package.

We are determined to help as many farmers as possible gain access to this training guide to avoid making the same mistakes other have made.

Unfortunately, this promo won’t last long, it just for two days and the price will go back to normal.

So, what do you think all the above package is worth?



Well, the Team, went unbelievable. The A – Z of  SNAIL FARMING TRAINING GUIDE goes for just A thousand-naira promo price.

JUST #1,000 currently and in two days it goes back to normal #8,000 

So, what are you waiting for?

Click “DOWNLOAD NOW” below and make a payment of just One Thousand naira.


Less I forget, we have also provided a support system to help you, you will find it in the guide.

So, click on the “Download” button below to get started.


If you encounter any form of issues, send us a mail at


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