Three easy ways you can start snail farming at home and succeed.

Overtime, Snail meat has become one of the most widely consumed white meat in the world, it comes in different forms, delicacies and appease different occasion.

It is also eaten by people of different cultural backgrounds, ideologies and belief, this is because of the numerous benefits of snail meat.

Even though snail is in high demand, there are very few farmers who are into snail farming, this is because not many can afford the fund needed to start and manage a commercial snail farming business.

These farmers also lack the right knowledge to start snail farming at home which would have been their best choice since they can’t afford commercial snail farming.

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In this article, we will be discussing the various ways you can start snail farming at home. All you need to start snail farming at home, and how to succeed in raising snails at home. 

Before we head on to that, how profitable is snail farming in Nigeria has been a regular question among intending snail farmers, I guess, the same question exists in every other country “how profitable is snail farming?” is snail farming profitable or is it just another agribusiness lie?  

Here is our answer.

How profitable is snail farming in Nigeria?

The profitability of snails farming has never been in doubt, below is a picture showing how high in demand snail products are currently.

How profitable is snail farming in Nigeria?

Unlike before, a lot of persons now eat snail meat, snail products such as its shell is also used for other industrial purposes and therefore are also in high demand. 

Another good part is that raising snails is not as fund consuming as other livestock, so, you invest less and gain more. That’s the beauty of snail farming business.

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Since it is obvious that snail farming needs more farmers to engage in it currently the big question is “How can one start snail farming at home” since not many can afford the big size snail farm best called commercial snail farm but what is the cost of starting snail farming?.

Cost of starting snail farming in Nigeria

You can start snail farming with as little as N10,000, it all depends on the size of the farm you want, you can always start small and grow your farm from there.

You don’t necessarily need to have a huge farm at your starting stage, all you need is to be consistent with your farm and manage your snails very well.

You will grow bigger from there.

How to start snail farming at home

In Nigeria for instance, farmers engage in snail farming on small scale, very few have large scale snail farm due to money and land space constraint. Below is how you can a start snail farming business at home.

You can start snail farming at home by engaging in

  1. Backyard snail farming
  2. Small scale snail farming at home
  3. Intensive snail farming at home.

You can choose any one depending on your budget size, farm size and desire. all you need is to do is 

  • Chose one of the above system of snail farming at home
  • Get trained on how to manage snails
  • Build a house for your snails.
  • Buy he right species of snails usually the Giant African snail species to start with.
  • Feed the snails properly
  • Take good care of your farm; cleaning their house, ensure security
  • Sell your snails at the right time and season and earn money.

How profitable is snail farming? Find out!

But does it end there? No, let’s look at how you can carry out  setting up a snail farm at home by starting either Backyard snail farming, Small scale snail farming or Intensive snail farming at home.

1. Backyard snail farming

Depending on where you live, there are various ways one can start a backyard snail farming business. If you live in your own house (Not as a tenant), you can start a sizable backyard snail farming business within the house.

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Even if you live in another man’s house as a tenant, you can obtain permission from the owner of the house since your pen (snail house) won’t consume much space.

How to start backyard snail farming business

Setting up a backyard snail farm can be easy depending on the size and budget of the farmer but before starting your farm, it is good you get a proper snail farming tutorial or training, this is the most important aspect of your snail farming journey.

  • Get a proper snail farming Tutorial or training

Like we rightly started in our snail farming training pdf guide, it is wrong to start snails farming without proper training, reading articles online is not enough, articles and posts are there to guide you (just like this one) but training gives you an insight into what the articles/posts have talked about.

Your training can be physical or virtual depending on your choice, during your training, you will understand all you need to do to succeed in snail farming. 

You will be familiarized with the right breeds of snail to rear, where to get them and how to manage them. The point I am trying to make is that a snail farming tutorial is important if you must succeed in a snail farming business.

You can also enlighten yourself ahead by reading our previous post on how to start a snail farming business to understand more about the various steps to starting a profitable snail farming business.

Read the post below

How to start and make money from snail farming business

  • Choose the right portion in your backyard

Due to limited space, you have to choose a part of your backyard capable of containing your snails. You can start with hutch boxes as your snail house; you can also build a bigger snail house like the one in the picture below, that’s if you have space in your backyard.

snail farming at home

Below is another example but I do not advise you to do something of this nature because the snails are too exposed to invaders and harsh weather condition. You need to construct a snail house that you can easily control the temperature inside the house.

Snail house

Where to buy snails from

Once your snail house is set, sourcing for your snails is your next step, there are different ways to get breeding snails as discussed in our snails farming tutorial (Click here to read it), you can buy from a trusted seller, get naturally from the bush or buy from a reseller.

After buying or sourcing for your snails using your chosen means, introduce the snails into the pen (snail house), your daily activities in managing your snails will encompass, cleaning the snail house, feeding and ensuring that your snails are secured.

You can check out the post on snail food and what to feed your snails by clicking below

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Securing your snails is important, don’t forget that snails are naturally slow animals, they can’t run to save their life, so, the onus is on you to do so for them. feed them properly as well.

How to feed snails to grow faster

For your snails to grow faster, you must ensure that they get enough calcium in their food, you can formulate by yourself using snails shell, eggshells and other industrial materials.

Three proven ways to start snail farming at home

You can also buy calcium from the market or fellow farmers. Fruits, tubers, flowers, vegetables, Water and left-overs are also other important snails food, you will find more from the link above.

Water is also very important in how faster your snails grow, always supply water to the snails, if possible, allow the snails access to natural water (rainfall), they enjoy natural water a lot.

2. Start a Small scale snail farming business

Another means of starting snail farming at home is by engaging in small scale snail farming, here you don’t need many expenses, you can start your snail farm after undergoing your snail farming training using hutch boxes as seen below. Snail house

You can as well get drum or cans. They are good when built well enough to protect the snails, don’t get bored about me mentioning securing the snails too many times, it is because they can’t save their own life, they depend on you. Here is how drum snails houses look like

Drum snail house

You can also use old tyres as long as they can offer protection and a good atmosphere for the snails.

With as little as 20 to 50 breeding snails, you can start your farm, provide the snails with the needed care and security. Here, a budget of N5,000 is enough to get you started.

The good thing about starting small scale snail farming business is that you have just a very few numbers of snails to manage, snails naturally don’t consume much food and they also feed a wide range of materials, so, it is easy to provide for them what they need to survive on.

3. Start an Intensive snail farming business

The third method of starting snail farming at home is by starting an intensive snail farming business (big or small) at home.

Intensive snail farming involves the system of snail farming in which the snails are kept in an enclosed environment, the farmer is in total control of the snails and their activities, ranging from feeding, cleaning etc.

The snails are closely monitored, you can start an intensive snail farming business at home, you can use the hutch boxes as your snail house.

If you have the capital, you can construct a cement type of snail house using cement and block as seen in the pictures below

snail farming at home

mistake in snail farming

It’s advantages ranges from the fact that it is more secure than the other snail farming systems. Others include

  • You can make the pens bigger than in the backyard or small scale snail farming, as long as you have the fund to carry out the operational requirement of the farm.
  • The intensive system gives you better control over the management practices in the snail farm

Now that we have understood the three proven ways one can start snail farming at home, here are other important questions about snail farming at home that you should know.

Another important aspect of snail farming at home and in general is how to sell your snails and how much can you make rearing snails at home.

How do you sell snails?

You can sell your snails anywhere, thanks to the increasing demand for snails, you can easily sell your snails once they are ready to be sold.

The market for snail is very much open, people buy from anywhere they can find it so where to sell your snails isn’t a problem.

You can sell to your consumers directly, you can also sell to restaurant, hotels and eateries, or supply to industries who demand snails products and use them as raw material for production purposes such as cream.

How much money do snail farmers make?

How much you make from snail farming depends on how you manage your snails and how well you understand the snail market.

Snails are seasonal, this is the main reason snails farmers exist (to make snails available during the off-snail season).

During the dry season, snails are rare to see, this is the time, it becomes costly and the right time to do more selling than rearing. It may sound easy to the ear but, it takes a good understanding of snails farming to keep snails during this season.

So, be calculative in selling your snails, understand when the demand is high with a very low supply, that is mostly the best time to make profit from snail farming.


To wrap up, starting snail farming at home is very much possible, it has become a popular practice, but first, you need to learn about snail farming, choose your preferred method, and maintain consistency.

One big problem many beginners in snail farming has is being inconsistent, many assume snail farming as a backup business so they don’t take it seriously, some give up after a little challenge.

But that shouldn’t be, ensure you have a mentor who will always put you through challenges and help you with what has worked for him/her. that way, you can always walk through issues that may arise on the farm.

I hope you have learned a lot from this work, if yes, you can rate us below, or better still drop a comment in the comment box below.

We appreciate hearing from you.



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