5 lucrative Snail Business ideas you can start with little capital

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Complete Guide on Lucrative Snail Business ideas

Have you ever thought of starting an agribusiness but because of lack of fund, you just couldn’t? or you have been looking to invest in agriculture but lack ideas on what to do? Have you heard of snail business?


If “yes” is your answer to the above questions or it’s like, then permit me to walk you through this article, I assure you, you won’t regret that you did. 


A few years back, many saw agriculture as a dirty profession, we won’t be wrong if we say that some still do today, but not worried because, our recent general challenges (Fail of oil and many other resources we depended on) have taught us “How important agriculture is” we now have many who are desiring to invest in agriculture than before.


And just like in the past, there are many ways one can invest in agriculture, but, it is important to note that, while some of the open investment opportunities in agriculture have high risk attached, as well as being fund consuming and therefore needs lots of cash to set them up, some are fund conservative and needs little cash to start and run them successfully, one of is snail business 


Snail business is among many agribusiness opportunities that fall under the agricultural livestock production industry that as an entrepreneur, you can easily start with huge cash and run successfully.


As you may know before now, snail business is not just about raising snails and selling them when they mature, there are other numerous opportunities in snails as an aspect of animal husbandry from which one can make money.


In this post, we will walk you through the various means you can make money from snail business.


Unfortunately, many see “rearing of snails” as the only means of making money from snail business, the reality is that, “this is not the case”, there are other ways, one can start and grow with time,


 it only needs your commitment and resilience to work your way through.

Why snail business? 


Just like stated in our previous post which you can find below 


How to start snail farming with little capital

Snails farming is highly lucrative, this is because snail products are highly sorted after yet, Snail farming business is not capital intensive neither is its management tasking, when compared to other meat rearing business like poultry, piggery and catfish farming.


Like Prof Bailly said in his work, when it comes to snail farming, the system is always easier and less fund demanding


A snail business is easy to set up, you can start your farm with as common as old tyres, already used boxes, a small pen, or a cage, you can also engage in snail business through other means if you don’t fancy the farming aspect of a snail.


For farmers, the feeds are readily available and you can even produce it yourself as snails feed mostly on waste. 


Snail rearing business encompasses a wide range of micro-businesses that can be exploited.


One can start small from your backyard and grow from there or engage in the business aspect of it as earlier stated, which has to do with marketing and selling snail meat and other snails’ products from existing farmers especially for those who might not have space or needed capital.


Due to its high nutritional value, snails have become a very popular delicacy. The meat is very rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin E as well as vitamin C.


How to care for snail

Healthwise, the snail has the following benefits

Snail meat is very popular among weight watchers and health-conscious individuals because they are extremely low in calories and fat. 


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Snail meat is also very beneficial to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, sickle cell anaemia, cancer and people trying to recover from an injury.


The Livestock Farming industry is indeed large and pretty much active in countries such as the United States of America, Israel, Brazil, China, Germany, Argentina and Nigeria et al. 


And if one is looking towards leveraging on the industry to generate a huge income, then one of your best bets is to start your own snail business. 


Snail farming business is all about mass – breeding of snails for the sole aim of making profits.


Currently, there is no single snail farming business that has dominated the market share in the industry, hence smaller snail farming business can successfully compete and still make appreciable profits.


One thing is certain about snail business, if you can conduct your market research and feasibility studies, you are most likely not going to struggle to sell your snails because there are loads of people who eat snails especially in Africa and of course African communities in the diaspora.


You obviously can see now that; there are lots of reasons why you should venture into snail business, so, the question is; in what ways can one leverage on the numerous opportunities in snail business? 


Here are ways you can leverage on the general acceptability and the positive probability nature of snail business, start small and grow your snail business

The first on our list is; 


  1. Buy and Sell Snails Products from Existing farmers

Like we rightly stated above, Snail rearing business is way bigger than just raising snails and selling them when they are mature, no, it’s beyond that now, the market has grown to a bigger height, one can venture into the different aspect. 


Instead of waiting for capital in form of loan and grants from family, friends, government or Angel investors. 


You can start with a little as your gadgets (smartphone, computer and internet). Look out for existing farmers who already have snails and its products, volunteer to sell for them or be one of their distribution channels.


Getting clients to sell to shouldn’t be much of a challenge since you’ve already done your due diligence in the area of need assessment and feasibility studies with location and target market. 


The eateries, restaurants and hotels are there, these openings demand snail meats in high quantity, they should be your target.


In some areas, there are opening basically for snail meat consumption, people troop out in their numbers to consume in large quantity snail meat, you can utilize this opportunity to engage existing farmers 


You can get these products, process them, package and sell and cash in on daily or weekly bases. While on this you’ll notice that the farmers will be free to dish out information on how to run a profitable snail farm this will be a great opportunity for you to learn from them.

You must note that; 

At this point, your inner aim should be to get as much information and fund as necessary so that you can set up your farm and run it successfully.

This technique can be applied in any other agribusiness or any venture at all.

You can also

2. Start a Small Farm in your backyard usually called

Snail rearing at home

Starting your snail farm is not capital intensive, while you’re getting the snails from existing farmers to supply your clients, you can start up your small farm in your backyard. 

snail house
snail farmer

Materials such as car tyres, cages, boxes and so on, (You can read about other materials you can use to start your snail farm here) which you can get for Free or with a little cash can be used. 


Make it a habit to always put out a certain number of snails from the ones you buy to sell. Since they have matured snails, most will be on eggs at the time they arrive at your location. 


Here is a brief calculation of how much you need to start your small-scale snail farm.


it is good to start small and we have done much to state the reasons in our previous post, you can find it here

Starting a snail farm

snail house

Here is a quick calculation on how you can start a small-scale snail farm. Assuming you make it a point of duty to keep 10 snails each week from the ones you buy to resell.

In 2months you should have.

10 Snails × 4 Weeks

10×4= 40.

Let’s assume all your snails start laying an average of 10 eggs each in the 3rd month.

10× 40 = 400.


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You need an average of 20 sets of tyres stacked, you can find more on how to house your snail here. Also at this point with the cash generated from your snails you should be able to construct a simple pen.


Feeding your snail is likely going to be your supposed challenge, but that’s not even close to a challenge, Snails eat naturally a wide range of food.

Snail food


In a small-scale snail farming, managing your snail feeding regiment can be easy, it doesn’t require huge resources if you know what to do. Feeding your Snails is not time-consuming, Snails eat mostly plant material, you can give them all kinds of leaves, fruits, and tubers.


With your small scale snail farming, during the raining season when there is a lot of vegetation, it’s easy to find food for Snails that will be enough for them. Feed them fruits and vegetables. Feed them tubers and leafy greens.


Additional Feed

However, for you to speed up the growth of your Snail and shorten the time needed for them to reach Marketable size, you must feed them with an extra amount of additional feed.


Giving them this extra amount of feed, the snail can reach Marketable size in four months instead of eight months or more.


Below is an example of such concentrate feed use in the west Africa sun region to fatten Snails.

3-part Wheat bran, (substitute Maize or Rice bran if Wheat is not available.), 3-part Palm kennel cake, 3-part Crushed Shells, 1-part Soya Bean Oil Cake, (substitute groundnut Oil cake or Fish meal if soya not available). 


You can find more on what to feed your snails, all about snail food and how to feed your snails here

3. Supply Snail food to snail farmers


Even though managing snail feeding regiment can be easy because it doesn’t require huge resources, this can be hectic for some large-scale snail farmers especially in sourcing for calcium and other major snail food ingredients


 You can supply these feeds to large snail farm owners who need them in large quantity and for long term purposes. 

It can be every month, weekly depending on the farmers and their demand.


The target is for you to connect large scale farmers with producers of this food and most times, small scale farmers too, this is because they are often found short of knowledge of new technique, this is where you can leverage on.


You will be paid wonderfully well and also get the opportunity to connect with gurus in snail farming, that will be a great time to network, learn and engage them, they will be kind enough to teach you as long as you show the willingness to learn.


Have you noticed that most farmers are always ready to teach beginners in the agric journey?

This will offer you the opportunity you need to get your self-equipped with firsthand information about snail farming. 

4. Lease unused lands/ properties


We have noticed that some people have the land needed for farming but lack the zeal to engage in farming, some do not necessarily lack zeal, fund and time is also a great contributor. 


If you happen to be in this category, then you can instead of just having your land stay unused, lease it for temporal use by already established farmers who in one way or the other lack land space for keeping their snails.


Here is what a friend who lived in Enugu State, Nigeria did when he found out that there is unused land around his area.

“In the place I lived, I found out that there is an unused land space very close to an Estate just a walk in the neighborhood. Because I have good knowledge of snail farming.

I set out to get approval from owners to use the land spaces for a fee and it became a huge success.

The same man later offered me his abandoned fish pond which we converted to a snail farm and it has been good since then.”

You too can adopt this in your location.

5. Opening a small joint (eatery)


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At the beginning of this work, we talked about the nutritional value of snail, that and many more are the reason so many people consume snails NLPRA has it that the demand for snail meat and snail products is higher than the supply of the same product. 


With little capital, you can set up a joint where people can come and eat your already processed and cooked snail meat, other merriment needs like wines can be employed to add more flair to what you are doing, of course, you can buy drinks on credit and pay back after selling off, so basically, you don’t need much.

snail meat

You will have to get your snails from other snails farmers around if you don’t have your farm yet. This way, you help them sell while you grow your business.

These are the major ways one can start up a snail business and make a considerable profit with time.


The good thing about snails farming is that unlike poultry and other livestock farming, it can be done in residential areas as it’s odourless, noise, and possesses no known environmental damage/hazard.


You have to note that, whichever way you want to invest in snail farming, it will surely end profitably, because snail business has viable opportunities waiting to be grabbed. 


You must understand what you hope to achieve, how to achieve it and the people you need to achieve it, this will help you understand what you need to do at every point in time


We hope you have learned some great ideas from this work, now we hope that you can take action because it doesn’t end in learning, taking action is very important.

Whichever way, here is what you should know.

What you should know is this


Obviously, not only is snail farming lucrative, it’s easy and there are many aspects to it where one can make money from, you can participate as a full-time farmer or run part participation and still make good money from snail farming. 


Your choice should be based on what resources are available to you, you must avoid starting your farm if you know you can’t manage it at such time, only do it when you are ready.


There is always need for you learn about snails before starting your farm, this is because snails behave differently from other animals, their demand, response and requirements are different, so to succeed as a snail farmer, you must first acquire the required knowledge to manage your farm.


With good knowledge, snail business is highly profitable.

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Are you interested in Starting your snail farm but don’t know how to go about it, or you have read about what to do but still gets confused? 


Here is a helpline for you. We are here to help you through; we aim to make sure every farmer who visits this website gets the most reliable information that will aid him/her in their agro-journey.

Contact OBALUKAN SNAIL FARM on +2349039473932

You will be trained in all aspect of snail farming, starting from scratch, you will be guided through setting up your farm, stocking, managing and marketing your snails and other snail businesses.




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