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Rome School of Business

Take your agribusiness enterprise to the next level

If you are looking for an international experience to gain a brand-new perspective on the agribusiness world, enrich your knowledge of entrepreneurship, innovation, and other key topics then apply for the Rome Business School Degree in Agribusiness Management.

Eligible Country

Citizens of any country can apply, that because you can learning from any part of the world with their online learning options.

In the Rome School of Business, there are two different learning options

  1. On-campus
  2. 100% Online

Objectives of the  Rome Business School

  • Understand the characteristics and trends of the agri-food market and the role played by the farmers, industrialists, and their representatives in the organizations.
  • Recognize the intersection of agribusiness with other areas of economic and social concern, such as economic development, innovative and sustainable way of production and business diversification (organic farming, biofuel, biogas, circular bio economy, green economy etc…).
  • Identify and manage the characteristics of the main food businesses and develop effective managerial strategies.
  • Develop a comprehensive business plan for agri-food corporations, business canvas model.
  • Utilize the most advanced marketing techniques to promote sustainability in agribusinesses and organizations.
  • Understand and utilize project management techniques for agricultural businesses.
  • Manage the agri-food supply chain.
  • Learn about the start-up ecosystem related to agribusiness and about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Master the use of new technologies and innovation within farmer or industrialist organizations and the most advanced production tools and channels for sustainable organic farming and agribusiness development.
  • Learn about the international organizations operating in the agribusiness sector and the international policies and support linked to this economic sector.

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Why Rome Business School?

  • You will gain Global Experience – International Boot-camps in Rome & Kigali 

Rome Business School provides you an international experience to gain a brand-new perspective on the agribusiness world, the Rome Business School offers you the chance to do just that, honing your competency and enriching your knowledge of entrepreneurship, innovation,

  • In-Company Business Project.

Rome Business School can provide you with access to a wide range of internship opportunities in Nigeria and the amazing destinations in Africa and outside Africa.

Rome business school

  • Life & Soft Skills Program Self Discovery. 

Soft skills are personal attributes that can affect our relationships and communication and are crucial for business success and effective leadership

  • Networking & Partners 

The Rome Business School have solid partnerships in place with several locally and globally renowned leading companies, such as Airtel, Rainoil, Innoson, Fidson, Cool FM, CIPM, Fendi, Bulgari, Eataly, IBM Italy, Land Rover and many more.

  • Capstone Project: Practical Business Challenge

All teams are guided from the initial phase of the project and upon completion present the project verbally to the Academic Committee.

  • Career Acceleration Program 

Their skilled and professional Career Services Team provides our participants with a personalized Career Acceleration Program specifically designed to shape their own professional profile in order to become a competitive figure in the modern employment market.

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You have access to workshops focusing on the hottest topics in relation to job seeking and career networking, individual career guidance meetings, our exclusive event.

Benefits of the Rome Business School 

Boot Camps
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Boot camp – Boot camp in IITA is part of the syllabus of the Agribusiness Management Course.

Participants will be exposed to:

  • A 2-3 days experiential tour
  • Agrotronics and other agricultural innovations and technology.
  • Access to rare information on various industrial agricultural produce by the institute.
  • Various research findings
  • Innovative ways to proffer solutions to current agribusiness challenges.
  • New idea generation and opportunities.

Boot camp in Bells University of Technology and Obasanjo Farm, Ota – Bells University of Technology in collaboration with Obasanjo Farm, Master students in Agribusiness will have the privilege to visit and experience a 2-3 days practical session in the farm where participants will be exposed to various methodology in the process and stages in bird’s production.

Career services

  • Free CV Review and its inclusion in the Rome Business School’s database.
  • Support in the management of job interviews.
  • Networking meetings and a personalized search and flagging service for the best job opportunities

World-Class Teachers
The Master faculty is made up of highly selected international professors, trainers and business managers, drawn from a variety of operational and professional fields and thus able to bring to the table a rich array of up-to-date experiences and competencies.

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The teaching approach is aimed at the acquisition of know-how, thus at transferring competencies truly useful for the attendees’ professional development.

For both the on-campus and 100% online courses, attendees can always count on the assistance of a tutor for any clarifications they may require, for the completion of the tests and exercises required by each module and for the final project.

Learning Materials
Students registered for the Master will be issued with a wealth of learning materials, including slides, textbooks, case studies, articles, videos, and useful internet links.

Registering In the Rome Business School’s Alumni Association
Attendance in the Master entitles to become part of the Rome Business School’s Alumni Association, the international network through which students of the Rome Business School can share ideas, experiences, and projects. Many facilitations are also available for attending further training courses.

Studying in Rome Business School Nigeria
The idea of Rome Business School Nigeria is to tailor global standards to a more unique grassroots concentrated business environment (Nigeria).

In addition to creating easier access, faster response, and steady availability to the Nigerian students and prospects, Rome Business School Nigeria was established.

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Company visits
Students will have the chance to learn more about international companies and their organizational models and working environments. Through these activities, our students have the opportunity to widen their horizons and build international networks.

More benefits

  • International Bootcamps to partnering Universities
  • Experiential study tour to FAO, Italy
  • European degree (Double Certificate)
  • Scholarships available (up to 15%)
  • Trainers: World-class Agribusiness & Agro-allied Industrialist
  • Career Services and Alumni Relationship
  • One-year duration.

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How To Apply

Application process: Email your application to This should include:

  • your curriculum vitae
  • a motivational letter indicating why you wish to enroll, your expectations and your professional objectives (no more than 200 words)
  • your university certificate/transcripts
  • a copy of your Passport/ID

Application considered by Rome Business School The Rome Business School Nigeria Admission Team will assess your application and will contact you if any additional documents are required. Complete applications will then be considered by the Academic Selection Committee.

Interview (either in person or online) All candidates selected by the academic selection committee must interview with a member of the Admission team, either in person or online via Skype/Webex.

Application outcome We will notify you informally by email of your application outcome, and you will receive either an official offer notification with information on any outstanding conditions to complete or an official rejection notification within one week. For more information download the course brochure.

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