7 Problems of snail farming business and their solution  

Common Problems of snail farming every farmer needs to know and their solution

Every business venture comes with it’s challenges and problems, what differentiates a person from another is how you deal with these challenges and turn them in your favour. 

Snail farming in its high profitability nature is no exception, there are challenges and problems of snail farming that can cost one his investments if not managed well.

Check the picture below.

problems of snail farming

Snail rearing can be quite challenging and uneasy if the measures needed to succeed are not put in place.

So, to be successful in snail farming, you must deal with these challenges even before they manifest.

In this short article, we will discuss the challenges and problems of snail farming, how it affects farmers and their solutions

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Problems of snail farming

There are several problems facing snail farming, they are

  • Climatic condition
  • Lack of training before starting snail farming business
  • Cultural limitations
  • Predators
  • Slow Growth and
  • Pest and Diseases

There problems affects the growth of snail farming and snail farmers at large.

1. Climate

The climate condition of the snail farm plays a key role in the survival and reproduction rate of the snails and without artificial means of climate control.

problems of snail farming

Snail farming is restricted to the humid tropical forest zone, which offers a constant temperature

High relative humidity, preferably no dry season, and a fairly constant day/night rhythm throughout the year.

In most cases, getting the right environment for snail farming is not naturally possible because of the seasonal climate changes that occur in the weather condition.

Thanks to artificial methods, the temperature can be controlled, is it cheap to control?

Not all the time so this is a big challenge to farmers with a low or moderate budget.


Snail requires a temperature range of 23 to 28 degree Celsius; if the temperature goes higher than 28 degree Celsius, the snails will greatly be affected.

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The humidity in the snail farm shouldn’t be lesser than 70-90% as well.

Therefore a temperature regulator should be constructed alongside the pen to moderate the temperature of the area.

You can also regulate the temperature in the snail house by sprinkling water regularly in the snail farm.

2. Lack of Proper training prior to starting snail farming business

There are many problems of snail farming but lack of training stands out for me, this is a major problem in agriculture in general.

Most intending farmers find training before to investing in any agribusiness as a waste of time, this has lead many to a great loss.

The picture below is an example of what lack of training before starting your snail farm can cause.

problems of snail farming

One cannot perfect what he/she knows nothing about, it is wrong to invest in agriculture especially for commercial purpose without first

Undergoing any form of training with regards to the agribusiness you aim to invest in is a way to prepare yourself and learn about the business.

You should only invest in an agribusiness when you have the required knowledge to manage such business unless you employ experts to do so for you.

Training is important

3. Cultural limitations

Snail meat is considered a delicacy by some, whereas others will not even touch it for religious or cultural reasons.

It is wise for you to ascertain the cultural belief of the people of an area as regards snails before starting your snail farm in such an area.

If snail meat is forbidden culturally and you cannot obtain legal permission from the authority whether traditional authority or government.

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You should never start snail farming business in such area until you are permitted to do so. It is unwise to fight the community while setting up your livestock farm.

challenges and problems of snails farming

Even if you successfully set up your farm, the community may send youths after your farm, this will lead to a great loss.

4. Predator

One big problem of snail farming is predators, snails are fragile, slow creatures, their slow movement nature makes them prone to predators.

Land snails are preyed upon by human, snakes, soldier ants, rats and many other terrestrial species.

In some cases and depending on the specie of  snail, other predators may include insects, millipedes, crabs, crickets, turtles, frogs, toads, birds etc.

Solution: The snails obviously cannot protect themselves,

It is your work as the owner to protect your snails by killing these predators whenever they’re sighted

Avoid rearing animals like birds, cows etc in the same house as snails to avoid them preying on the snails.

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You can also elevate the snail house, this will make access difficult for creeping predators. You can construct predator control structures.

The structure ward off rodents and other creeping animals and more importantly.

Ensure you check your snails at an interval.

5. Slow Growth

Snails are relatively slow-growing animals. Furthermore, the consumable meat makes up only 40% (maximum!) of the snail’s total live weight.

Consequently, snail farming is not a way to make money quickly, you have to give it time.

challenges of snail farming

6. Pest and Diseases

Pest and diseases have become an undefeated challenge in agriculture, snail farming is not an exception to this, it can’t be eradicated but can be reduced to the minimum.

The danger of it is that, in most cases, they cannot be seen with the ordinary eye.

A good understanding of pest and disease has remained a constant control mechanism is required to control their effect, unfortunately, most snail farmers lack the required knowledge.

Therefore, pest and diseases have remained a constant menace in agriculture. Some of the symptoms noticeable in an infected snail are fragile shell.

Inactivity in the snail, reduced or no tentacles, inability to reproduce, excessive secretion of serum (oedema), impaired opercula and loss of colour in new shell are all other noticeable symptoms.

Bacterial diseases (caused by Pseudomonas spp) causes intestinal dysfunctions in the snails and affects their growth

While Fungal diseases (caused by Fusarium spp) affect the snail eggs causing them to die before they’re hatched.

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Poor feeding leads to a lack of essential nutrients and minerals  and lack of cleanliness can lead to deficiencies in snails.

Poor feeding can also lead to cannibalism in snails as older snails feed on the smaller ones to supplement nutrients that are lacking in them.

benefits of snail meat

Summary of the challenges and problems of snail farming

Like I stated before, every agribusiness has its challenges and problems, this is more reason farmers are encouraged to get trained before starting any agribusiness.

Training will avail you the opportunity to understand the behaviour of any livestock you want to rear.

Understanding them will help you manage their needs and predict possible challenges.

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The benefits of training before you start any agribusiness cannot be overemphasized. Once again, here are the major challenges and problems of snails farming.

  • Climatic condition
  • Lack of training before starting snail farming business
  • Cultural limitations
  • Predators
  • Slow Growth
  • Pest and Diseases

All these challenges and problems of snail farming can easily be managed when you have the necessary knowledge about snails farming.

Like we always say; Get good training before starting any agribusiness. It is important.

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