10 common Costly mistakes in snail farming and solution

Six costly mistakes in snail farming to avoid for you to succeed

Snail farming presents such an opportunity to start an agribusiness with little knowledge. But it doesn’t go without mistakes, errors and wrong decisions especially among beginners.

There are records of lots of mistakes in snail farming among snail farmers in recent times.

Many snail farmers fail because of these avoidable mistakes, some of which in the long run prove to be costly.

As much as you can comfortably set up a snail farm, you need to acquire the required knowledge to reduce these costly mistakes in snail farming.

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In this short informative article, we will look at the eight common mistakes in snail farming.

I will appreciate it if you note these common mistakes, avoid them as much as you can to make the most out of your snail farm.

How to start a snail farm

Common Mistakes in snail farming

  • Lack of training

Snails are unique animals, they differ from other animals in their behaviour, demand and response.

Understanding their nature before establishing your snail farm is very important.

Unfortunately, most beginners in snail farming don’t place much relevance on training.

You need the right knowledge if you must do well in snail farming. Ensure you get trained, equip yourself well.

Good training will help you understand changes in your snails and possible cause, you may be able to predict health challenges before it becomes a problem.

Ensure you get trained before starting your snail farm.

  • Poor planning

It’s an obvious call for failure in snail farming to start up your farm with a detailed snail farming plan.

It is not enough to have a snail farming plan; your plan must be realistic and attainable.

For an agribusiness plan to be realistic, it must be in line with the situations of things.

It must take into account; the current happens in the market and the field.

Feature of a good snail farming plan

  • A good snail farming plan should bear every necessary expense expected to be made within the time frame of farming.

Your plan should state the amount you are willing to invest, this will be grouped into different parts, feeds, maintenance, security if need be, and lots more.

  • Your plan should also include your target.

This helps you to checkmate your day-to-day activities and expenses, it aids in determining where you are meeting up and areas of loss.

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A good plan involves you making holistic research and equating it with what is realistic to you considering every necessary determinant.

A good plan is your first victory.

  • Starting big

mistakes in snail farming

It is always good to start small, you will learn along as your farm develops.

Unless you are running a cooperative farm or you have the necessary capital to employ workers, you have no business starting big.

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Starting small gives you the time to manage and monitor your snail well.

It helps you to determine how well you can perform on a large scale.

Starting small reduces stress.

Always start small and grow larger not the other way around.

  • Lack of record-keeping

I visited a snail farmer in June 2018, on interaction, I found out that he had no record of his daily activities on the farm.

Automatically he doesn’t know when he is beginning to run into a loss.

Keeping a record of your daily activities and expenses on the farm gives you time to understand a wrong call or decision which could be costly.

It helps to detect shortages and loss early and avert it before it becomes an unsolvable problem.

Ensure that you keep a record of your farm activities

  • Placing little or no value in Mentorship

No matter how you train yourself by reading online and offline, as a beginner, you need a mentor.

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Someone who will be there for you, someone who will direct you on relevant issues.

This single point might look unnecessary, but it is a big problem.

You need an experienced farmer, when I say experienced, I mean someone who has been in snail farming or studied it much and has Good Practical Knowledge

There are times, what is obtainable on the farm is not always the same as written in books and journals.

how to treat soil for snail farming

These are times you need the mentor’s experience for whatever you may face in the farm, such a person has faced before.

Mentorship matters.

  • Lack of marketing plans or strategy

This should not have been considered a mistake in snail farming considering the viability of the snail market but over time, it has become a major setback.

Marketing is one aspect of snail farming that is very much ignored by snail farmers, this is because snails are sold in almost every local and urban market.

A good marketing plan will position you to sell beyond the regular local and urban market.

This will lead to rapid growth in the profit return of your farm.

Ensure you put down a marketing strategy.

Good marketing is important

  • Lack of patience

Of all common mistakes in snail farming, this particular is mostly seen among beginners.

Before starting your farm, be patient enough to study snail farming, you can do this through training, learning from experts, or reading intensively about snails.

The bottom line is to be patient enough to get yourself acquainted with all you need to know before eventually starting.

You have to be ready to always learn, mistakes must surely come, but your ability to be flexible will help you a lot.

  • Lack of cleanliness

If you are a snail farmer, you don’t need anyone to remind you that you have to keep your snail house clean.

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As little as termites can look, one of them is capable of destroying a snail farm of over 5,000 snails and you know what?

snail house

You won’t even see it while it destroys your farm.

Cleanliness in snail farming is your first profit. Keep your snail house clean.


Like I promised, this article isn’t to take too much of your time but to point out these frequent mistakes.

If you have been a victim of any of the above-listed mistakes, you will know how costly they can be.

Once again, here are the common mistakes in snail farming, take a look at them, which are you’re a victim?

  • Lack of training
  • Poor planning
  • Starting big
  • Lack of record-keeping
  • lacing little or no value in Mentorship
  • Lack of marketing plans or strategy
  • Lack of patience
  • Lack of cleanliness

It is also right to remind you about the necessity of acquiring the right knowledge before starting snail farming.

Understand the behaviour of snails, their nutrition, possible health challenges and solutions, environmental requirements, and lots more.

Have you made any of the above mistakes as a snail farmer?

How did you handle it? You can share with us in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you.

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