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Compared: Top Livestock farming business ideas with proven high return on investment

Livestock farming businesses have become very popular in the agricultural industry as more farmers are currently engaging in different livestock farming business ideas unlike before.

This is in a bid to satisfy the increasing demand of livestock products mainly used as food by man or as raw material in different industries. 


Here, we will examine the six “current” most lucrative livestock farming business ideas with high return on investment that agroprenuers can comfortably start with low capital and make profit.


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This article will answer the regular “What is the most profitable animal farming business idea” question.

At the end of this article, you will learn the best less capital intensive farm animals to rear and make profit within a short period of time. 


You will also understand why these animals are the best choice for you.

Our list considered factors such as “ease of starting each livestock farming business, required capital to start, level of acceptability.


Ease of management, level of demand in the market, value chain and eco-friendly nature of each livestock farming business ideas”.

If you are looking to learn which livestock is best for you to rear, then I enjoin you to read till the end of this article, you will be glad you did. Without wasting time.


Here are top profitable livestock farming business ideas

Table of Contents

With livestock farming increasingly becoming a major part of the agric industry, there are many livestock farming business ideas one can consider but 

  1. Snail farming business
  2. Rabbit farming business
  3. Goat farming business
  4. Fish farming business
  5. Pig farming business and
  6. Poultry farming business

are currently, the most profitable livestock farming business ideas that the livestock market favors and here is why.


  • Snail farming

Snail farming business has become more lucrative and attractive recently and no doubt is among the most profitable livestock farming business ideas. 

animal husbandry


Data shows that, of all the livestock farming ideas, snail farming has more farmers gearing towards it now.

This is not a surprise as the demand for snail meat and other snail products has increased greatly, with the demand higher than the supply in the market currently.


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Lovely enough, you can start and manage a snail farm anywhere with little capital, it is not gender selective.

All you need is to provide the snails with an environment that replicate the natural snail loving environment, protection and quality food.

Snail farming business rating factors

Is starting a snail farming business easy?

Snail farming business is easy to start, you need a place to keep your snails (snail house/snail pen or snailery) and what to feed your snails.


Food is a major problem in raising livestock but in the case of snail farming, feeding isn’t a huge obstacle.

Snails eat a wide range of food which are readily available in the market and near you.

Therefore, feeding won’t be a key problem in managing your snail farm. Their food ranges from 

  • Tubers
  • Vegetables
  • Calcium supplement
  • Flowers
  • Water
  • Mixed food content and 
  • House hold products etc.

Required capital to start a Snail farming Business  

Snail farming requires very little capital to start and manage depending on the size of farm you want.

For a small sized farm, you can start with locally made materials such as empty cans, disposed car tyres, hutch boxes and disposed drums.


For a large sized farm, you can construct an open (greenhouse) farming system for the snails, that’s if you have the capital to set up a bigger farm. 

Level of acceptability of snail

Snail meat and other snail products are generally accepted, they are in high demand in both local and urban markets.

Snail meat is a white meat and as such good for consumption. It has several nutritional benefits and is a worthy alternative to other regular meats we consume daily.

Ease of managing a Snail farming Business 

Snails are easy to manage and rear, unlike in poultry or pig farming, as a snail farmer, you don’t need to always be in the farm.


You can keep a once in a day visit to your farm or twice in a day depending on your schedule.

Snails demand less food when compared with other livestock, so, you won’t be feeding them all the time.

They are nocturnal, therefore most of their activities takes place at night, they don’t need your presence to carry out their activities.

Level of demand of Snails in the market

As stated in our previous article on snail farming, the market demand for snails is currently higher than the supply according to the African SDP survey.


Aside from the high demand for snail products, snails are even more scarce during the dry season.

This leads to higher market starvation of snails; this is one opportunity snail farmers utilize greatly.

Value chain in Snail farming Business 

There are so many ways snail farmers generate income, aside from selling snails, some are trainers, the shell is also a source of raw material for industrial calcium.

Snail contain lime; snail farmers extract this lime and sell to generate more income.


In snail farming, every aspect of snail is a source of income.

Is Snail Farming Ecofriendly?

Snail farming is eco-friendly, snail are quiet animals, they don’t produce any form of noise.


You can hardly notice snails’ existence if you are not told about their presence.

With these factors which favors snail farming business.

Snail farming is therefore among the highly rated livestock farming business ideas in the agricultural livestock market. 


  • Rabbit farming business


Rabbit farming business is one of the most lucrative, easy to start (if you have fund) yet profitable livestock farming business ideas in the agricultural industry.


If you have enough fund available, you only need the cage (house for the rabbit).

Your breeding stock, feeding and drinking materials and time to manage your rabbits.


rabbit farming


Rabbit loves attention, so you must be willing to devote your time to your rabbits. It also helps you to observe the animals.

So how is rabbit farming faring in other parameters?

Is rabbit Farming Business easy to start?

Rabbit farming business is easy to start but you must have fund to construct your rabbit pen (rabbit house).


Purchase the breeders, unlike snails that you can get naturally from the bush, you must buy your rabbits from other rabbit farmers.

Ensure you buy from a trusted agent, a reseller or a fellow rabbit farmer who is selling off his rabbits.

The good thing is that you can get your breeding stock at a low price.

Ecofriendly nature of rabbit Farming Business 

Rabbits are environmentally friendly but not as friendly as snails or fish, they (rabbits) do not make noise.

They hate noisy environment but their droppings can produce offensive smell if not managed well. 


So, in this category, snail and fish come first, with rabbit second to goat farming. Goat’s droppings produce offensive smell but not as much as cattle, pig or poultry.

Required capital to start a rabbit Farming Business 

To start a rabbit farming business, you need a much bigger fund than in snail farming, the fund to set up your rabbit house.


The price differs from place to place and person to person. Any good carpenter can construct one for you. 

You also need fund to get your breeding stock, this is without land because you can train your rabbit at the back of the house.

You don’t need huge land space to start a rabbit farming business.

management practices in rabbit farming

Level of acceptability of rabbits in the market 

Rabbit is a generally accepted livestock, it can be trained by anyone, it does not select gender.

Rabbit meat is more valuable than that of poultry, pig, cattle and snails.

It contains more important nutrients needed by man than poultry, pig, cattle and snails.

From the above factors, you can see that rabbit farming business is indeed worth being on the list. 


  • Goat Farming Business 

Goat farming is one of the most lucrative livestock farming business ideas. Goats are reared for milk and meat purposes. 

It is among the low investment and high profit yielding livestock business ideas. 


livestock farming

Goat farming business has the ability of quick and high return of investment depending on the amount invested. 

Ease of starting a Goat Farming Business 

Goat farming is easy to start, depending on whether the farmer wants to engage in a small scale or large scale goat farming business. 


For a small scale goat farming business, you need a little space to keep your goats, fortunately, goats are not selective.


They can survive easily but they must be protected from cold and harsh weather condition.

Fed very well, they eat grasses, hays, fruits, tubers and other edible materials, proper feeding is important in goat farming.

You can easily start a goat farming business with little capital and grow your farm from there.

It is always advisable to start small if you lack enough funds, you can expand as your farm grow.

Ease of managing a Goat Farming Business 

Goats are easy to manage but not as easy as snails, they (Goats) can be stubborn at times.

Their ease of management also depends on their breed. There are breeds of goat that are naturally very stubborn and therefore are hard to manage. 

On ease of management, snail comes top, snails are the easiest to manage, fishes are also easy to manage, rabbit and then goat are ahead of pigs, cattle and poultry. 

Level of demand of goats in the market

The demand for goats in the market is seasonal, there are times the demand in the market is higher than usual mostly during festive seasons, other times, the demand is low.


So, the demand for goats in the market is affected by seasons.

Other factors are location and health of the goat, healthy goats are sold faster in the market, unlike unhealthy looking ones. 

Aside from the seasonal demand shift, goats are largely in high demand in the market, but not as high as pig, cattle, snails rabbit.


Value chain in Goat Farming Business 

Goats farmers can make money not only by selling their mature goats, but they can also sell the young ones to intending goat farmers as breeding stock.

You can also make money by selling their droppings.

Goat droppings serve as manure; they are needed by farmers for crop farming.

Is Goat Farming Ecofriendly?

Goat farming is eco-friendly, but not as much as snail farming and fish farming, goat produces offensive small only when their house is not taken care of.


With quality care, goats are environmentally friendly. You only need to clean their house at least twice a week.

Cleaning also helps the goat to live healthier. 

  • Pig farming business 

With over one billon pigs butchered every year, pig farming is one of the most preferred animal husbandry business ideas.

Though Africa is not among the highest producers in the world. 

livestock farming business


Countries like the US, European Union & Canada are the largest exporters of pig in the world. 

Pigs are majorly reared for meat purposes but their skin, fat & other materials are used as raw materials


Pigs are useful in the production of clothes, cosmetics, processed food and medical use, making pig a high in demand livestock.

But is pig farming business easy to start?

Is Pig Farming easy to start?

Pig farming is not all that easy to start, it needs fund, time and it can be stressful at times. You need to build a comfortable house for the pigs. 

Provide a source of water, you can construct a water tank system.

Food is not a major problem in pig farming because pigs eat a wide variety of food. 


You can also formulate their feed, maintaining a desired nutritional level. Pigs are hardy and need good care.

Their mortality rate is low but they can be affected by disease outbreak so, you should protect them well during any outbreak. 

Ensure they eat neat food and drink enough water, frequent drinking of water helps pig eat less food.

Ecofriendly nature of pig farming 

Pigs are friendly and smart; they are one of the smartest animals in the world though they are hugely misunderstood.

Pig farming is environmentally friendly but that depends on the farmer, if the pig house is not properly clean, you will encounter offensive smells

Required capital to start a Pig farming Business

Pig farming require capital, the more money you have to invest, the better and easier raising your pigs are but the good thing is that they have a huge and fast return on investment.

Within six months, your investment will be yielding results. 

Ease of management Pig farming Business

Pigs are easy to manage and raise but not as easy as snails or rabbit.

Once they are provided with food, water and their house kept clean, pigs appear gentle and easy. 

Level of demand in the market of Pigs

The demand for pigs in the market is largely increasing, they can be exported as well.

Countries like the USA, China and Canada raise huge revenue from the exportation of pigs.

Value chain in Pig farming Business

Pig farming is a source of huge income generation; you can earn money from different means.

Selling of your pigs as meat, selling live pigs, selling the dropping, you can also earn income from training intending farmers.


  • Fish farming Business 

Fish farming is another great source of income generation for agroprenuers especially those who have water bodies.

Although you must not have water bodies.


This is because you can start a fish farming business by constructing your pond, you can also use tanks to start a fish farming business 

You must carry out market research before starting your fish farming business.

This is because fish farming is not viable in all areas, understand the level of demand in the market before starting your farm. 

Ease of starting Fish farming Business

Starting a fish farming business is not that easy unless you have the required environment set out for you.

You will need a tank for small scale fish farming, a pond if you want to engage in large scale farming.

The fingerlings, feed, nets for covering and building bridges and other necessary materials.

Is Fish Farming Ecofriendly?

Fish farming is eco-friendly, fishes do not make noise, you can have a fish farm in the house and no one will be aware.

They do not produce offensive smell and therefore can be reared anywhere.  

Required capital to start Fish farming Business

The start-up capital for a small scale fish farming business is not huge.

Where you will spend money is  in constructing a fish pond, getting your breeding stock and their feed. 

In large scale fish farming, the required fund is higher and needs an experienced fish farmer to set up the farm.

Ease of managing a Fish Farming Business

Fishes are easy to manage, they are not stressful, they are not attention seekers like rabbits.

So you can easily manage a fish farming business if you have the right training. 

Level of demand of Fish in the market

Fish is among man’s daily need, it is eaten by many, their demand has always been high and will always be high.

It is therefore among the top lucrative livestock farming business ideas.

  • Poultry farming Business 

The poultry farming business is in the same category as other livestock farming business ideas, you can start poultry farming for eggs as well as meat purposes. 

livestock farming


Egg producing hens are called layers while their counterpart, the meat-producing hens are called broilers.

The day to day demand for chicken meat is always increasing,

At times, the supply is short of the demand, with this, the profitability of poultry farming business is not in doubt.


The question is, do you have the right training.

Most persons go into the poultry farming business without a single knowledge about how to raise hens and within a short time, they are out of the market. 

You must be trained to survive poultry farming business 

Ease of starting a Poultry Farming Business 

Depending on the size of the farm, poultry farming business can be easy to start as well as stressful.

In large scale poultry farming, it requires a huge fund to construct a modern (automated) poultry farm. 


If you intend to start a small scale poultry farm, you can do so within the house.

You will need a little space and your start-up birds, food and source of light.

In small scale farming, it can be easy to start but that is due to the small size of the farm.

If you intend to expand, you will need fund. So, poultry farming business is not that easy to start.

Is Poultry Farming Business Ecofriendly?

Poultry farming can be eco-friendly if the farmer is ready to frequently clean the farm else, it produces an offensive smell. 

Required capital to start a Poultry farming business 

For a large scale farming system, the poultry farming business is among the huge investment demanding livestock farming business ideas. 

You will need enough fund for the acquisition of land, constructing the poultry house, purchasing of feed.

You will need workers, feeding trough, source of light and other needed materials such as bowl, cutlass and hoe for clearing the farm. 

Level of acceptability of Poultry farming business 

Chicken meat is generally accepted, eaten by many and is always in high demand.

Even though rabbit meat is more beneficial (health wise)to human than chicken, many still prefer chicken over rabbit and other popular meat.

Ease of managing a poultry Farming Business 

If you have the right knowledge, managing a poultry farming business won’t be a huge problem for you, it becomes a problem when you lack the right knowledge.

This is why training is important before starting a poultry farming business.

Level of poultry products demand in the market

The demand for chicken meat is constantly high in the market, in most cases, higher than other livestock.

Even the ones that have proven to be more beneficial than chicken, there is an already existing general acceptability of chicken meat over many other livestock.

Value chain in Poultry farming Business 

There are several ways one can generate income from poultry farming business.

You can engage in poultry farming business for egg production only, you can also engage in meat production.

 You can also generate income from selling their droppings, poultry droppings serve as organic manure to other farmers.

They can be sold anywhere. 

Summary of profitable livestock farming business ideas


Conclusively, there are so many livestock farming business ideas out there but here.

We have been able to present the list of the market toppers, you can see from the above that snail farming and rabbit farming comes top considering all the parameters.

They are less capital intensive, less stressful and the return of investment is huge and quick especially in rabbit farming.

You can choose any of the above-discussed livestock farming business ideas.


One thing you must not neglect is training, ensure you get trained, the knowledge you will gain from training will be important in managing your farm.

So, which of the discussed livestock farming business ideas do you think is the best? Which would you love to invest in if you had the fund? 

You can drop your answer in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you.



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