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Hyla rabbit breed Guide, Facts, Information, Origin and History

What are Hyla rabbits?

Hyla rabbits are broiler rabbits that were developed by Eurolap company through series of genetic selection, modification and crossing of the California white, New Zealand White and some other meat rabbits.


They are known for their fast growth rate, speedy muscular development, large litters and resistance to diseases.

Due to their rapid maturation, they reach table size (2kg) at 3 months of age.


History of Hyla rabbits

In a bid to produce rabbits that are fast-growing, have speedy muscular development.

Higher meat to bone ratio, big feed conversion ratio, large litters and high resistance to diseases.

Hyla rabbit breed


A France company called France-Eurolap cross-bred New Zealand white, Californian and other meat-rabbits.

This cross-breeding gave birth to the Grand Parent Stock of the Hyla rabbits. This was the first stage of genetic modification.

The male line of the Grand Parent Stock had observable characters that resembles the Californian Rabbit.

They were ruby-eyed whites with black extremities.


The Female line of the Grand Parent Stock on the other hand had characteristics resembling the New Zealand White rabbit.

They were all white with ruby eyes.

The male line of the Grand Parent Stock was selected and bred individually, this gave birth to what is known as the HYLA MAX, this became the parent Stock (PS) male line.


The Female Line of the Grand Parent Stock were also bred producing the HYLA NG which became the Female parenting stock.

Though Eurolap only sold selected Parents stock (PS) MAX and NG and not the Grand Parent Stock (GPS) to farms.

The Grand Parent Stock (The original Hyla rabbits) can only be gotten from Eurolap on contract.


What are the Characteristics of the Hyla rabbits?

Hyla rabbits are characterized by their rapid maturation, they are mated within 4 -5 months of age.

They also eat a lot and can go overweight if not watched. Within three months, they can reach 3.5 kg weight.


Hylas is a genetically modified rabbit breed, they are no in existence before.

They came into being after cross-breeding the Californian breed, new Zealand rabbits and some other meat rabbits.


Physical characteristics of the Hyla rabbits

Size: They are big due to their large meat to bone ratio, they are bigger than the California rabbits.

Even though they are big, they are cool and loveable especially the coloured type.
Colour: They exist in different colours, the Hyla max (the male line) is pure white.


Red-eye with black extremities at the tip of their ears, in their tail, nose and foot part.

While the Hyla ng (the female line) is pure white with pink lovely looking eyes


Eyes: The eyes of the Hylla rabbit appears in different colours, some have white, red eyes and while others have pink eyes.

Even though the Hyla rabbit has different colours in the eyes, their eyes are always bright, clean and free of spots or discolouration.


Head: The head of the Hyla rabbit is muscular, strong, wide, well-rounded and should not be out of proportion with the body.


Fur: The fur is of normal length, calm when touched, some have their fur fully white coloured.

Others have mixed coloured fur with a stripe of different colours ranging from dark to pink colour.

When Hyla rabbit fur gets stained, it is advisable to spot clean it with a damp cloth than bathing it.


Body: The Hyla rabbit has a plump, company body type that is full of meat.
They have a higher meat to bone ratio


Weight: Hyla rabbits can reach a table size within 3 months (2kg) while an adult Hyla rabbit can weigh from 5 to 6kg or more.


Ears: Hyla rabbits have erect ears which should not exceed five inches or in rare cases six inches.

The ears should be clear of their body parts, rounded, balanced and stand erect.

Other characteristics of the Hyla rabbit breed

Popularity: They are not very popular in Western countries, they are mostly found in West Africa among local breeders.


Calmness: The Hyla rabbits are very calm, love affection, are easy to control and less aggressive than most other breeds.

Their calmness can be likened to the Dutch rabbit breed.
Adaptability: One great part of rearing the Hyla rabbit is their adaptability, they easily adapt to a different environment.


Reproduction: The gestation period of Hyla rabbits lasts for just 28 to 30 days, just like every other rabbit breeds.

They are not an exception to this feature.


Growth: Hyla rabbits are popularly known for their fast growth rate. they mature within three months.

Weight: The average body weight of a mature Hyla rabbit is 5-6kg.
A Hyla rabbit should reach table size within 3 months (2kg)

Types of Hyla rabbits

There are two main types of Hyla rabbits

  1. The White Hyla: which has two categories the Hyla-max and Hyla Ng
  2. Hyla coloured.

Hyla max

Hyla max is the male line of the Hyla rabbit breed, it is pure white with red-eye and black extremities at the tip of their ear.

The nose, tail and foot parts. They have similar look to the Californian rabbit breed but have a larger body size.

Hyla NG

Hyla NG is the female line, they have pure white coloured fur with pink eye.

They are just like the New Zealand rabbits, with no black touches, all-white coloured fur with pink eyes.

The Colored Hyla

Coloured Hyla
Coloured Hyla

This is a combination of various breeds of rabbits but with the same characteristics as the Hyla rabbits.

They grow rapidly like the Hyla, have good litter size and get to over 5kg at maturity.


They can exist in the form of Dutch, Harlequin, Chinchilla and other rabbits.

An average Hyla coloured attains 5kg or more at full maturity.

How to care for Hyla rabbits

Hyla rabbits love to stretch out their body to full length and move about within their enclosure.

Their house should be wide enough to give them space for free movement.


Overcrowding your Hyla rabbits will lead to their death and poor production.

Their enclosure should have a solid bottom made of either metal or plastic to fit the beddings.

The beddings should be spot-cleaned regularly and changed if possible.

It is advisable to check your Hyla rabbit ears every 2-3 weeks for mites.

Hyla rabbit management

When choosing your Hyla rabbit, insist on qualities such as good health history

Others are vigour, longevity, high ability to reproduce, and your desired colour.


In managing your Hyla rabbits, feeding should be done regularly and should be neat.

Do not feed your Hyla rabbits unhealthy food materials.


Hyla rabbits can be fed with grasses like elephant grass, pellets, fresh maize and leaves.

Other foods are lettuce, yam peels, cabbage potatoes, leaves, carrots, dried and cassava peels, banana and leaves.

You can also feed them with pellet and mashes though Pellets are preferable to mashes


This is because rabbit wastes less of pellet due to their inability to paw them out of the crocks easily.

Pellets do not contain dust and therefore will not irritate the rabbit’s nose or lung.


But If you must use mash, you can as well avoid the crustiness and reduce some waste by adding enough water to slightly moisten the feed.

You can as well formulate their food using Maize bran, millets or wheat, groundnuts and alfalfa…all properly mixed in their desired proportion.

What is the difference between Hyla Max and Hyla Ng?


Hyla max
from Eurolap

As stated earlier, Hyla max is the male line of the Hyla rabbit breed, it is pure white with red-eye and black extremities at the tip of their ear, the nose, tail and foot parts.

They are a similar look to the Californian rabbit breed but have a larger body size.

Hyla NG


Hyla NG
from Eurolap

While the Hyla NG is the female line, they have pure white coloured fur with pink eye.

They are just like the New Zealand rabbits, with no black touches, all-white coloured fur with pink eyes.

The Hyla-Max and Hyla NG are both crossed by breeders to produce Hyla rabbits mostly sold in the market.

Summary of the Hyla rabbit breed

NameHyla rabbit
TypesHyla-Max, Hyla coloured and Hyla-NG
WeightAverage weight is between 5-6kg for adult
Good for commercial PurposeYes
Good for meatYes
ColourWhite, with a touch a black, red and pink.
Good as PetsYes
Breed SizeLarge

Conclusion on the Hyla rabbit breeds.

The major aim of creating the Hyla rabbit is to have a fasting growing rabbit that can attain 3kg and above in three months.

They are good for commercial purpose because of their meat quality and fast growth rate.


Though yet to be recognized by many countries of the world, they are a good breed for farmers who have access to them.

If you have been considering a starting rabbit farming business, then you should consider the Hyla rabbits.

They are calm, mature fast too, you can have a great return on investment in a short period.


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