How to make rabbit grow fast [Rabbit Farming tips]

How to make rabbits grow and Produce fast

As a rabbit farmer, understanding steps on how to make rabbit grow fast is one of the key ways to grow your rabbit farming business fast and make a profit.

It is common that at the beginning of every rabbit farming venture, farmers are more enthusiastic and pay attention to detail on the farm.

Most farmers engage in practices such as cleaning their rabbit drinkers and feeders regularly.

But after some time, they get tired because it becomes boring. Rabbit farming is moderately task demanding and unless the activities are automated.

It requires the owner to carry out many activities on the farm.

Here, we will look at rabbit farming tips that will aid you in improving the growth of your rabbit farm.

 How to make rabbit grow fast [Rabbit farming tips]

There are several rabbit farming tips that can get you started in maintaining a productive farm.

They are:

     1. Hygiene is King: Always keep the rabbit farm clean.

As a rabbit farmer, you need to understand that rabbits are very fragile animals and they require high hygiene to survive.

how to make rabbit grow fast

No matter how boring and tiresome your farm activities get, make sure to do it because it will determine your profitability or failure.

Always keep the rabbit house clean, they don’t appreciate dirtiness, so ensuring the rabbit house is clean is the only way to help them stay comfortable.

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 2. Wash drinkers regularly.

Rabbits may dirty their drinkers while trying to drink water, it is not enough to change the water, though, that’s also very important.

You also need to wash the drinkers as many as the number of times you change their water. For matured animals, wash once a day and for weaners, morning and evening.

3. Remove stale food.

The digestive system of rabbits is very fragile and sensitive, Don’t feed them that which has stayed up to 3 months.

This means, buy your feed in small quantities. It is better to buy/formulate feed every month or every 2 months.

You can formulate feeds yourself, or buy from other rabbit farmers near you.

4. Prevent pests and diseases as much as possible

Diseases have caused huge damage to livestock farming worldwide, preventing them from the farm is far better than curing them.

One of the easiest ways to prevent pests and disease in a rabbit farm is by keeping the farm clean, aside from that, remove every other object that can introduce pests or diseases into the farm.

Remove dead kit from the cage immediately: Rabbits decay very quickly. Once you notice a dead kit, remove it immediately and bury/burn it.

(Unless you are a man of God and you want to lay hands on it to come back to life😉)

5. Don’t give mouldy feed or decaying veggies.

This is one of the most important tips on how to make rabbits grow fast, it is important you take note of what your rabbits eat, Feeding decayed food is one of the easiest ways to kill rabbits.

It is better not to feed them at all than to feed your rabbits mouldy or decayed food

6. Separate sick rabbits from healthy ones

As a rabbit farmer, being observant is a great skill, you must observe your rabbits and once you notice any change in the behaviour of a particular rabbit, you separate them from the healthy ones.

Rabbits eating outdoor

This is because some sickness in rabbits can be transferred from one rabbit to another if not properly managed, you must separate the sick rabbits from the healthy ones the moment you notice anything.

7. Regulate the temperature in the rabbit house

Temperature is very important in rabbit farming, it is essential that you control the temperature in the rabbit house.

Rabbits do not appreciate extreme weather conditions, especially cold.

Unlike other domestic animals, Rabbits do not adjust well in bad weather; they become helpless to heat during the hot season.


 how to make rabbit grow fast


In cold times, they can even die of cold, while some may suffer from cold-related diseases.

It is important you keep the rabbits in the cool and least humid part of the house, ensure that there is adequate ventilation.

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Studies have shown that rabbits raised in cool with poor air circulation are susceptible to respiratory disease.

If you keep the rabbit’s house worm, with proper air circulation during cold, you can be sure that your rabbit will stay healthy in cold weather.

   8. Disinfect the rabbit house

Insects and other predators can also cause harm to the rabbits, it is therefore important that you disinfect the rabbit house from time to time.

This will help keep off insects and other harmful organisms in the farm.

   9. Feed the rabbits properly

It is important to state that proper feeding isn’t about feeding the rabbits all the time, it’s about feeding the rabbit the right proportion of food.

Your rabbit’s food should contain enough hays, pasture grasses with fruits and vegetables as treat.

Summary of rabbit farming tips

Activities on the farm may get boring at times, this is because they are regular practices.

These activities may have looked lovely in the beginner but time and their repetition may make them boring.

As long as they promote the productivity of your rabbits, it is advisable you engage in them.

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With time they become basic instincts, you can get them done without thinking twice.

Keep a healthy farm, rabbits are fragile in nature, their body system appreciates a clean environment.

Sperate sick rabbit(s) from the rest for treatment, do not self-treat unless you have the experience.

Always seek the help of a veterinary doctor and animal expert.

With these practices, your animals will be fine.

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