Learn how to hatch snail eggs in 5 simple steps

Snail egg hatching
Snail egg hatching

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How to hatch snail eggs in 5 simple steps.

Have you wondered why your snail eggs don’t hatch properly? Most time you incubate 20 eggs and only 10 will hatch, the rest will be looking at you like a tired masquerade 🙄 :-P.

Here is it “you are most definitely taking a wrong step and you don’t even know”, so here, we will walk you through all the various steps involved in hatching your snail eggs.

After reading this post, you won’t incubate 20 eggs and only 10 will hatch again, I assure you that (I heard you say Amen :-D).

Proper hatching of your snail eggs is important, without the eggs hatched properly, your snail farm will not survive the test of time.

Here is what reproduction looks like in snail

Snails are hermaphrodites, but still need to mate to reproduce and lay eggs.

Mating in snail always like a fight

Mating in snail
Mating in snail

After mating, Land snails like the Achatina marginata, Achatina Fulica and Achatina achatina lay their eggs in the soil and bury them, they lay eggs in clutches, with over 20 or less per clutch, a single laying season can be made up of 3 to 6 laying clutches.

Snails lay from 80 to over a  hundred eggs in a single laying season. The good thing is that, snails somehow will not lay their eggs in a place they don’t find conducive.

They look for the side of the pen where the soil is moist enough, calm and not hot to lay their eggs.

Most times, the snails may not find these requirements, so it is advisable that as the owner, you aid them in making hatching possible

Hatching of snail eggs is the end product of the reproductive journey of snail. It is the birth of a new snail through the breaking of the container eggshell by the new snail.

Look at the picture below, you will see snail coming out of the egg, that is hatching.

Hatching of snail eggs
So, How can you hatch snail eggs?

We will explain step by step how to hatch snail eggs in 5 steps

How to hatch snail eggs

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For hatching to take place successful, you must maintain the following conditions

Condition necessary for successful hatching of your snail eggs

  • Soil condition: For your snails to hatch successfully, the soil must be moderately wet, a conducive soil softens the egg shell.
  • Protect the eggs: Ensure that the incubating pen is well protected against predators such as insects.
  • Handle your eggs carefully: The eggs should be handled carefully with a spoon or any other and not with bare hands.
  • Avoid airtight pen: The snail’s eggs should not be kept in an airtight pen.

With all that rightly stated, Below is how you can hatch your snail eggs and have all your eggs hatched.

How can I hatch snail eggs at home?

  1. Pick the eggs from the pen where they were laid
  2. Prepare your incubator
  3. Incubate the snail
  4. Keep track of the incubation
  5. Transfer the new hatchlings to a new pen

 1. Pick the eggs from the pen

Once your snails start laying eggs, you need to regularly check the snail pen for new eggs mostly in the morning.

Carefully remove the leaves in the pen if there is any.

Shove the soil gently with a hoe.

When you see snails, careful use kitchen spoon to pick the eggs and put them in a tray, move the eggs to another pen for incubation.

Do not use your hand to pick the snail eggs from the pen.

 2. Prepare your incubator

In preparing your incubator,  fill your pen with soil to a depth of 20-30 cm from floor level.

Apply water on the soil to make it moderately wet soil.

Make sure the soil is not too wet.

You can test the wetness of the soil by packing some quantity of the soil with your hand, fold your hands and open it.

If the soil molds (producing the shape of your hand).

Throw the molded soil up, if it scatters in your hands, it means the soil is moderately wet and OK for incubation (this is from practical experience).

After testing the soil and its OK (Moderately wet). 

Source for a net wo cover the pen.

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  3. Incubate the soil

Incubating your snail eggs is simple it doesn’t take much.

Open the soil (how large the opening is should depend on the number of eggs you want to incubate) to a dept of 3 to 5cm.

Note that the opening should not be deep.

Use the spoon to scoop the eggs into the opened soil.

Slightly cover the eggs with soil, do not pour too much soil on it, (if cover deeply, hatched snails will find it hard to make it out of the soil, this may cause the death of snails).

Cover the pen to prevent other animals from entering inside the pen.

Write down the date you incubated the snail eggs,

Also write donw the number og eggs in each soil opening.

The eggs will hatch by itself by breaking the shells allowing the snails to come out.

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Here is a video representation of snail egg hatching

Video explanation of snail egg hatching

Watch as the egg hatch and the new snail comes out of the broken egg shell

Hatching of snail eggs. Video from GenimD

4. Keep track of the hatching progress of your snail eggs

If you want to track the hatching progress which I believe you would.

From the incubation date you have written down check count 21 more days.

Mark the 21st day on the calender.

Hatching takes place between 20 to 40 days, this implies that from the 21 st day, your eggs will start hatching.

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Snails will hatch and crowl out of the egg shell like you saw in the video above but should this not happen.

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On the 21st day, open the soil gently with spoon and pick out snails that have hatched.

Minus the number of hatched eggs from the total number you have written to know the number of unhatched eggs.

After picking the hatchlings, removed the remains of the eggs (the craked shell).

Cover the opening back abd check back after 15  days.

Depending on the species and the conditions available for hatching, your snail will eventually hatch before the 40th day.

how to hatch snail eggs

Transfer the new hatchlings to a new pen

After picking the baby snails with a plastic spoon.

If you use your hand, you may crush the new soft shell, so do not use your hands in picking the new snails.

Transfer them to a new pen.

Handle them carefully

Provide food and calcium supplement for the new snails.

You can check below for the best food for your baby snails

List of snail’s most important food

I want to belive that you have learned a lot from this guide, Ican assure you, if you maintiined this process from begining till the end, your snails will hatch confortably.

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Here is a recap of what you must do to maintaine a proper hatching of your snail eggs

So far, we have stated a lot of measure you should take to ensure that the incubation and hatching of your snail eggs goes succesfully. Understanding how to hatch snail eggs properly is very important.

Here are some of the measures

  • Do not use bare hands to pic your snail eggs.
  • Prepare your incubator properly.
  • Ensure that the mositure content of the incubator is moderate.
  • Do not waterlog your incubator.
  • Carefully cover the snail eggs.
  • Make sure that the covering is shallow.
  • Use plastic spoon to pick your snaills after hatching.
  • If you notice that not all eggs hatched after 21 days, collect the hatched snails and cover the remaining eggs.
  • Remove the crake shell of the hatched eggs from the incubator.
  • Finally transfer your baby snails to a new pen using plastic spoon.
  • Feed the baby snails properly and supply calcium supplements.

Note that the number of eggs layed by your snails may vary.

The number of eggs a snail lays is depended on the species of snail and the condition under which it is being managed.

 An African Land snails lays over 100 to 200 eggs, so you must as a matter of fact take good care of your snails.

Yoou can read more on necessary snail care measures below

9 key steps to maintain good snail care

Conclusively, I want to belive that we have done justice to how to hatch snail eggs. If you read till this point, I am very sure that you must have learned how to hatch snail eggs properly beacuse as stated before.

Hatching is an important aspect of your farm, and therefore demands every atom of care, your snail eggs should be handled with care while they are transported to the hatching unit, the snail eggs should be buried in the soil, but with little soils, this is to make it easier for the new snails to exist the soil after hatching.

Useful Resources

Video of snail egg hatching process by AMOS KESTER


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