Detailed Analysis: How profitable is snail farming?

How profitable is snail farming? A detailed Snail farming profitability Analysis

There has been a lot of questions on the internet among snail farmers (especially intending snail farmers) about whether or not snail farming is profitable.

How profitable is snail farming, is a regular question on the snail farming search box.


Today, we will answer that and give you details of all you need to know about snail farming profitability? 

Whether or not snail is profitable, and if it is, what is the key determining factor? 


how profitable is snail farming

I am going, to be frank with you, my judgement on this topic is based on experience and field knowledge.

What has worked for many farmers and is still working for them till date.


How profitable is snail farming?

Snail farming is very profitable, and when I say “very profitable” I mean it BUT, here is how its profit comes into play.

You MUST have good knowledge about snails farming business before starting your snail farm if you want to make profit from it.

If you lack the knowledge of snail farming before starting your farm, you will run into a big loss. You cannot make profit from snails farming through that way.


So, how knowledgeable you are about snail farming business before starting your farm determines how profitable snail farming will be to you.

That’s the simple truth about how profitable is snail farming question. 


It is also important you note that this answer applies to any country or region. Your knowledge about snail farming is the key to your success in snail farming.


Where snail farmers make money from?

One funny thing about talking about snail farming profitability is that it is hard to convince someone who hasn’t been in the field that there is money in snail farming.


how profitable is snail farming business


If you are looking for where the money is in snail farming, you will never find it, why? Simply because the money isn’t hidden in any cage.


The money you make from snail farming depends solely on how you manage your farm, how well do you manage these slow animals.

That is where the money is in snail farming

If you manage your farm well, your snail will be productive.


The more productive your snails are, the more profit you make in snail farming. That is the mathematics of snail farming.

Management of snails ranges from how well and natural your snail house is.

Remember, the sole aim of constructing a snail house is to provide for the snails, a home that will look exactly or close to their exact natural environment.


How often do you clean your snail house and generally, your snail farm? 

Snails can survive dirtiness or a dirty environment because naturally, they love being inside the soil, they hide in the soil during the day or harsh climatic condition.

But why your farm needs to be clean is to chase away harmful pesticide and insecticides capable of hurting the snails, snake for instance.


Ants also, even though soldier ants have proven not to be harmful to snails, some farmers still report cases of ants hurting their snails

We do not encourage you to experiment with your snails.


So, to be on the right part, clean your snail farm regularly. It is one of the methods to determine how profitable is snails farming.

Another important factor is what and how do you feed your snails, feeding is a major determinant in snail productivity, so be sure to feed your snails well, so they can be more productive.


It is also important to note that, it’s not all about feeding the snails, what exactly do you feed your snails?

Snail food is not complete until it contains enough calcium and water. So, how often do your snails take clean water and calcium?


Lastly, you have the market, how do you sell your snails and their products, where do you sell them?

Do you sell when the demand is higher in the market and supply low or you sell when your snail is due for the market.

If you understand the snail market, when to sell and when to breed more then, you will have answers to how profitable is snail farming question.

snail farming

These are the major determining factors of profit-making in snail farming. So, you should look to observe all of them and many more.


Conclusion of how profitable is snail farming

Believe me, snail farming is hugely profitable but like every normal business, you have to do things right, you have to tick the boxes.

Do what satisfy the snails and solves their needs not what you find beautiful or attractive.


If you notice, people who engage in the free-range system make more money from snails farming than those in the intensive system of farming because the free-range system is more suitable for snail production.

It gives the snails a sense of existing in their natural environment.

I hope this answer how profitable is snail farming question.

You can share your thought and experience so far in the comment box below, we love to hear from you as always.




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