Detailed cost of starting a snail farm, what you need to know

cost of starting snail farm

Have you been wondering what the cost of starting a snail farm is?

Let’s find out

One aspect of livestock farming that favours starting snail farming business over other livestock is the less capital consuming nature of snails farming, the cost of starting a snail farm is lower than other prominent livestock.

The management cost is also lower in snail farming than the likes of poultry, piggery and cattle or sheep.

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In this short guide, we will look at the cost of starting a snail farm, what you need to know, do and how to save cost and avoid spending more than required.

cost of starting snail farm

You may have read from different articles that you can start snail farming with little capital, that is true, snail farming is not capital intensive.

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Aside from the less capital intensive nature of snail farming business, its other advantages include.

Advantages of snail farming business  

  1. Snails are in High demand: The demand for snail meat in the market is increasing, this has led to increase in the price of snail meat because the supply isn’t meeting the demand,  therefore, more farmers need to engage in snail farming business to meet the current demand of snail in the market.
  2. Snails are Eco-friendly: Unlike other livestock, snails can be reared anywhere because they don’t produce any form of smell. You can comfortably keep snails in your backyard or anywhere around the house without fear of offensive smells.
  3. Snails are highly productive: A single snail can lay from 100 to 250 eggs in a year, imagine if you start your snail farm with 100 snails and they all lay eggs and hatch properly, well that may not be possible if you lack the required knowledge of snail farming. You can learn how to start your snail farm by reading our article using the link below.

                     How to start and make money from snail farming business

  1. Snail farming is easy to manage: Snails are quiet animals and grow peacefully when you make their necessary conditions available for them. They are one of the easiest animals to train. 
  2. Snails can be reared by anyone: You don’t need to be special to rear snails, you don’t need to be of a particular gender also, it can be done by anyone. 

So, to know the cost of starting a snail farm, you need to understand the various stages that capital will be needed to execute in setting a snail farm up.

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They include constructing your snail house, sourcing for your snails, feeding (Not much because snails consume a wide variety of food, you can get their food everywhere.), transportation, labour (if need be) and other miscellaneous. 

cost of starting snail farm

What is the cost of starting a snail farm?

Here is the Cost of starting a snail farm with 100 breeding snails 

  • As stated in our Complete Step by Step Snail Farming for Beginners PDF Training Guide, the first step to starting a snail farming business is training, let’s say you pay for training at most #5,000, but in most cases, the training fee isn’t this high you can get a Complete Step by Step Snail Farming Training Manuel for just #1,000 by clicking on “Get the snail farming training Manual” below

  Get the snail farming training Manual

  1. Training fee estimated at #5,000

  • The next is the cost of constructing your snail house, cost of getting land isn’t included here because you can raise 100 snails in your backyard so you don’t need to buy land.
  • With just 100 snails, you can construct a Hutch box for the snails like the one below 

Snail house

Let’s assume you spent #15,000 in constructing your pen (snail house).

Cost of constructing your snail house estimated at #15,000

  • The third is the cost of getting your breeder snails, let’s assume you bought each breeding snails (also called point of lay) at N350 each (100 Pieces). N350 x #100 = #35,000.

The cost of getting your breeding snails estimated at #35,000.

  • Here, you have the cost of transportation; this involves the cost of moving your breeding snails from where you purchased them to your new farm, we will estimate that to be #5,000. 
  • Here, we will look at cost of feeding; snails eat a wide variety of food but they need calcium frequently, you can formulate your calcium (from eggshell, snail shell, bone meal, you will find more about feed formulation in the manual) or buy from the market.

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If you are buying from the market, the price will differ from one location to another. Here, 25kg (It Feeds the 100 snails for 6 months.) is sold at #6,000. 

It could be less or more in your area but for this work, the price will be #6,000.

Cost of buying 25kg feed estimated at #6,000

You will also need fruits, leaves, vegetable and tubers to feed your snails, these you can get from the local market near you at a heap price.

You don’t have to buy them and keep them because they may rotten or decay, it is wrong to feed your snails decayed food materials. You can read more about snail food by clicking the link below.

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You can also get them FREE in the local market or plant them to feed your snail, that way you have reduced the cost of feeding. 

Total 5000+1500+35000+5000+600 = #66,000.

Total Cost of starting a snail farming of 100 breeding snails #66,000.

Summary of the cost of starting a snail farm with 100 breeding snails

  • Training fee #5,000. 
  • Hutch box (snail house) construction: #15,000
  • Cost of getting your breeding snails at #350 each (#350x 100 = #35,000): #35,000.
  • Transportation: #5,000. 
  • Snail feed for six months: #6,000

Total is  #66,000.

Important: Kindly note that this is not a fixed price but an estimation, the price can be lower or bigger.

If you have bought healthy snails, after six months, they are expected to have matured and laid at least over 50 eggs each (note that both male and female snails lay eggs). 

Cost of snail farm

How to reduce the cost of starting a snail farm?

Like rightly stated in the beginning, you can reduce the cost of starting your snail farm through the following ways.

  1. Build the snail pen by yourself: The Hutch Box isn’t hard to construct.mistake in snail farming
  2.  If you can, it is advisable that you construct them by yourself, this way, you will reduce the cost of construction. If you can’t construct it, you can seek help from friends or use a carpenter who charges low. The idea is to ensure you reduce the cost of building your Hutch Box. 
  3. Get your breeding snails naturally from the bush: In our How to start and make money from snail farming business, we explained how you can get snails naturally from the bush. Apply the method and reduce the cost of purchasing your breeding snails.
  4. Source for your snail food: You can plant leaves, vegetable and other materials needed by the snails, that way you can easily feed your snails without breaking the bank.
  5. Maintain a high level of hygiene: Hygiene is important in snail farming; it reduces the mortality rate. 

If you apply the above strategies, you will hugely reduce the cost of starting a snail farm.

What you should know about snail farming 

Among the numerous livestock farming business in Nigeria, Snail farming is one of the most cost-effective yet lucrative.

It is also easier to start, manage and make a profit when compared to other forms of livestock farming businesses.

Snail farming in Nigeria is still among the most neglected livestock farming business yet the opportunities are numerous, so it’s a good time to invest in snail farming. It is not saturated. The market is still very much wide open.

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The potentials in snail farming business are massive likewise the opportunities. Unlike other forms of livestock farming business that require you to build huge structures, snail farming doesn’t require massive business unless you are running a greenhouse snail farming system. 

You can start snail farming anywhere, in your backyard, in the field or close to the house. It only requires little spaces, It’s eco-friendly, requires little manpower and the food are cheap, in most case free.

Best snail species to start your snail farm 

It is good to understand the different breeds of snails and their characteristics before choosing the breeds you want for your farm.

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When it comes to snail farming in Nigeria and other African countries, Land snails are the most popular, this is because of their economic values. The Land snails are three in number, they include

1. Archachatina Marginata (AM)

2. Achatina Achatina (AA)

3. Achatina Fulica (AF)

(1) Archachatina Marginata (AM)

The Archachatina Marginata or AM as many calls it is very peculiar to West Africa and it’s popularly known as the giant African snail because of its size. 

It is the largest of all three species of Land snails. They can grow up to 20cm long or more in size.

They are not known for productivity but they are not so bad at producing.

The AM eggs are big and harder compared to other species of the Land snails and it takes about 6 to 9 months before it starts laying eggs. AM are usually priced higher in the market because of their large size.

(2) Achatina Achatina (AA)

Achatina Achatina (AA) is the second-largest among the land snails and also the second most popular breed in Nigeria. It is also a well-known breed in other African countries. 

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It can lay up to 200 or more eggs in a single year under proper management and care. A hatched AA can start laying eggs after six (6) to eight (8) months. They are a good breed in terms of high productivity but they are not as large as the AM.

(3). Achatina Fulica (AF)

This is the 3rd largest species of the land snails, it is prolific, can lay up to 100 to 2000 eggs in a single laying season when managed very well. 

The AF is the smallest of the Land snails. They are not as much reared as the AM and the AA respectively.

Where to start your snail farming business journey from

As rightly stated in our Snail farming training PDF manual, once you have made up your mind to start a snail farming business, the first step you need to take is Training, once you are done with your training, you can confidently implement what you learnt from the training.

Importance of training Prior to starting your snail farming business

It is general knowledge that most persons go into agribusinesses without being trained, this is because many are of the opinion that one can easily manage any agribusiness but this is not true.

Here is why you need training

  • The knowledge gotten from training helps you to manage challenging situations on your farm.
  • Training avails you the opportunity to understand the possible threat to your success in snail farming even before starting.
  • It creates room for mentorship, a mentor is like a guide, you need mentorship to succeed in snail farming.

There are so many reasons why you need to get trained before starting your snail farming business and to be realistic if you must succeed, training should be your top priority before starting your snail farm.

You can undergo online or offline training or take up a training manual, the most important idea is that you get the required knowledge.

Conclusion of the cost of starting a snail farm

Snail farming is a growing livestock farming business, currently, the demand for snail outweighs the supply, the snail market is wide and readily available because current snail farmers are not meeting up with the demands of snails in the market. 

The cost of starting a snail farm is also less compared to other agribusinesses, so as an entrepreneur, you can easily start a snail farm.

how profitable is snail farming


You can get our Complete Step by Step Snail Farming Training Guide below and start from there, it will guide you through all you need to know

We also have a support system, that way, we can assist you till you become good.

Complete Step by Step Snail Farming for Beginners PDF Training Guide


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