What is the cost of starting a rabbit farm? A detailed guide for beginners in rabbit farming - 2021

What is the cost of starting a rabbit farm? A detailed guide for beginners

Rabbit production, and its market, in Nigeria has unlimited potentials most of which is still very much untapped.

This huge opportunity is because the rabbit has a lot of usefulness ranging from meat production.

To use as pets, for hide and skin, production of fur and for research purposes.


Rabbit production is also relatively cheap when compared to other livestock.

The gestation period (duration of pregnancy) of rabbit is also relatively short ranging from 28-32 days and can have a litter size as high as 10 (and up to 15 in rare cases).

Rabbits are therefore highly prolific.

Here, we will be discussing the cost of starting a rabbit farm, the list of items you need to buy, where to buy them and their possible cost.

rabbit feed

Rabbit farming is beneficial in many ways which we discussed in our previous article; 10 essential benefits and limitations of rabbit farming business

Let us state few of the benefits of rabbit farming business here once again.

Benefits of Farming business

  1. Affordable/Low-cost management requirements
  2. Short generation interval
  3. High Fecundity of rabbits
  4. Rapid growth rate
  5. Ability to utilize forage (grasses) and agricultural (and kitchen) by-product.
  6. Adapted over a wide range of ecological environments.
  7. No zoonotic diseases
  8. No religious controversies
  9. Noiseless and odorless animals.

There are more benefits of rabbit farming business  but our focus here is on the cost of starting a rabbit farm.

So, to understand the cost of starting a rabbit farm, we need to understand the breeds that we will be starting our rabbit farm with,

Breeds of Rabbit

We have many breeds of rabbits but I will try to limit myself to those that can easily be source for:

  • American Chinchilla
  • Angora
  • Rex
  • Havana
  • Polish
  • English Spot
  • Giant Blanc
  • Silver Martens
  • New Zealand White
  • Checked Giants

Cost of starting a rabbit farm

Prices of Rabbit using Nigeria as a case study

Note: The price of rabbits in Nigeria varies from one location to another, you can find it one price today and find it at another price the next day. The prices that will be listed here are collated base on what our Competitors are selling and those on our farms.

  1. Weaners Rabbit  #2,000 – #3,000
  2. Grower Rabbit  #4,000 – #5,000
  3. Matured Rabbit #6,000 – #7,000

Where to Buy Rabbit in Nigeria

You can get your rabbits from any local or urban markets in your area, but you must ensure that you trust the seller, this is to avoid buying unhealthy rabbits.

cost of starting a rabbit farm

You can also get your rabbits from other rabbit farmers near you, in situations you don’t find rabbit farmers near you.

You can check online groups (Facebook) to meet with other rabbit farmers who sell and can deliver to you.

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Cost of starting a rabbit farm with different capital budgets

Like we stated earlier, we will be using Nigeria as a case study. You can check the price of the listed items in your country and equate it with the procedure below.

With a startup capital of N100,000.

You can go for 8 breeding animals. You will buy Growers to save cost and also to give them time to get used to your farm environment before mating them.

Stocking of parents stock

You must note that the prices are not fixed; meaning that, they can vary, it may not be the same tomorrow. Price isn’t constant and therefore is subject to change.

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Breeds to buy.

  •  Hyla males- 10,000 naira each
  • Dutch females – 4,000 naira each
  •  English spotted- 4,000
  •  New Zealand White -6,000 naira each

Total cost of breeding stock = 50,000 naira.

Buy from reliable farms not too far from you so you don’t spend much on transportation and medication.


Feed for the first 2 months, they will eat 1 bag in 1 month supplemented with enough hay.

rabbit foods

Each animal eats about 100g per day. You can do the necessary maths. Growers feed is about N4,300. Therefore, for 2 months, you will need 2 bags. i.e N4,300 x 2 = N8,600.

Then for the next 3 months, feed them with breeder mash.

Breeders mash: N4,000 x 3 = N12,000.

Total cost of feed = N20,600.

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After using 50,000 on parent stock and 20,600 on Feeding, you need to buy feeding materials, a flat bowl and ropes to hang their feed when necessary.

You can use the remaining balance to make a wooden cage of 10 rooms with locally available materials.

The kits will stay with their mothers till up to 4-6 weeks. Wean them afterward and start to give them growers diet till maturity.

Mate the Does two weeks after kindling and repeat the process above. With this, you have set up your rabbit farm with a N100,000.

With N600,000 naira budget

Breeding stock:  20 females + 4 males = N240,000

Feed: N34,400+ N43,000+N40,000

Cage with automated drinkers: N170,000

Miscellaneous and transport: N50,000

You can decide to make your farm a complete Hyla Rabbit Farm. Using 20 females and 4 males for your breeding stock.

Each Hyla grower cost about 10,000 naira.

24 animals = N240, 000.

cost of starting a rabbit farm


24 animals will eat 5 bags in 1 month. First 2 months: 10 bags of growers diet @ 4300 each = 43,000. They will be bred after 2 months.

For the next 2 months: breeders mash @ N4000 = 10 x N4000 = N40,000.

They can give birth up to 9 but let’s assume 4 weaners survive per doe making a total of 80 weaners.

They will be left with their does until 4-6 weeks. They will eat about 80g each daily.

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That is 1 bag in 4 days and about 8 bags in a month. 8 bags at N4300 each = N34,400. At this point, they are 8 weeks and are ready for sale.


First 3 months,

Each animal goes for N4000. Rabbits goes for more but we decided to reduce the price just to avoid exaggeration.

You can go to the market and check by yourself what rabbits cost in the market.

80×4000 = N320,000.

For the next 3 months,

Expense: Breeder feed: N60,000

Growers feed: N34,400

Income: N240,000

In 3 cycles, you should break even.

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This is completely separate from the money you can get from selling their urine and poo.

It is also important to state that we intentionally reduced the prices on the side of revenue generation.

This is to ensure that we don’t go higher than possible.


T0o reduce cost, you can decide to replace some of the breeding females with cheaper breeds like Dutch, New Zealand and others. That will affect the income too.

cost of starting a rabbit farm

Another important practice you must cultivate in your farm is record-keeping.

it is important to take record of your on farm and off farm activities as long as it relates to the farm.


  1. Have a tag number for all your breeding animals
  2. Record each animal and its tag number in the record book
  3. At Mating, record the male and female used and the date

Other details to record:

  • Bred (The date the Mating occurred)
  • Palpate (14 days after Mating to confirm pregnancy)
  • Nest Box (28 days after Mating)
  • Due (30 days from Mating)
  • Kindle (The date she kindled)
  • 4 weeks and 6 weeks (The dates for the tracking of the kits for weaning of the litter).

Wrapping up

The cost of starting a rabbit farm is cheaper when compared with so many other livestock such as poultry, pig farming, cattle etc.

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It also has a great and fast return on investment; you will start getting your money back after just four or five months of investing in rabbit farming.

Thanks to their nature, it’s farming accommodates different pocket size. You can start little and grow your farm with time.

That’s it, let me ask, are you interested in starting a rabbit farming business?

With the cost of starting a rabbit farm explained above, what is your challenge so far?

You can share with us in the comment box, we will be glad to help as much as possible.

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