Explained: Can rabbits eat watermelon?

rabbits and watermelon

Can rabbits eat watermelon? Yes, rabbits can eat watermelon, but only as a treat. Either small or large, juicy or not, watermelon, when taken in large quantity is poisonous to rabbits.

Fruits (including watermelon) shouldn’t be a major part of your rabbit ’s diet. Fruits are better when taken as treats.

They are good source of antioxidants which helps your bunny stay healthy. fruits also offers a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Some fruits are relatively high in potassium, which is essential in reducing your rabbit’s risk of developing kidney stones.

Can rabbits eat watermelon

But, they can also be poisonous when taken in excess. it is therefore important to understand  how often your rabbits need these fruits and in what quantity they need it.

This is very important in maintaining optimal health in your rabbits.

Watermelon Nutritional Facts

rabbits eat watermelonAlthough watermelon is relatively low in calories, watermelon offers loads of vitamin C – about 21 percent of the US daily recommended value!

Watermelon offers the following

  • 865 iu vitamin A
  • 170 mg potassium
  • 3 mg vitamin C
  • .1 mg vitamin B6
  • .1 mg manganese
  • 2 mg magnesium
  • .1 mg thiamine
  • .3 mg pantothenic acid
  • .1 mg copper

How Much Watermelon Can A Rabbit Eat?

Your bunny has to enjoy it in moderation. Here’s how much watermelon to feed your rabbit.

Age and Amount of watermelon required

  • Weaner rabbits: None
  • Grower rabbits: None
  • Adult rabbits: 1 tablespoon per kg body weight

rabbits can eat watermelon

There are a couple of very important reasons to feed your rabbit watermelon in moderation.

First, your rabbit’s digestive system is very sensitive and too much sugar can alter gut flora, leading to discomfort and causing digestive issues that can drag on for days including bloat.

Second, watermelon is very high in water. That’s not a huge problem since water is essential for rabbits, but too much at once can lead to diarrhea, which can be dangerous.

How to feed watermelon to rabbits

To feed watermelon to your rabbits, it’s important to feed a rabbit watermelon gradually.

Start with a small amount – perhaps a teaspoon – and watch your rabbit for signs of trouble over the next 24 hours.

If your bunny is fine and you don’t notice any runny stool, feel free to increase the amount gradually.

How often can rabbits eat watermelon?

Your rabbit can eat watermelon two to three times per week, but not on the same day as you’re feeding other sugary or high-water snacks.

Of course, it’s best to offer a wide variety of treats – and to avoid feeding your rabbit sugary food on a daily basis.

Rabbits who develop a sweet tooth tend to ignore their regular food and this can cause major problems for their digestive system.

Can I feed watermelon to a baby rabbit?

Baby bunnies have sensitive tummies – in fact, their digestive systems are far more sensitive than an adult rabbit’s.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a good idea to give watermelon to baby rabbits. Only offer a baby rabbit hay, water, and age-appropriate Pellet.

rabbits and watermelon

Can watermelon make my rabbits sick?

Yes, but only if you make the mistake of feeding too much at once, or if you give them watermelon seeds or watermelon rind infected with preservative chemicals.

So long as you introduce watermelon to your rabbit’s diet slowly and carefully, your bunny should be just fine. Remember it might make your bunnies urine red in color just like blood.

Summary of can rabbits eat watermelon

Understanding the nutritional need of your rabbits is important, more so, understanding the quantity and how often your rabbits needs a particular food.

I hope this clears the can rabbits eat watermelon question.

Obviously, rabbits can eat watermelon but like established already, it has to be limited  and taken as a treat and not a major food.

OK, its time you let me know your experience with your rabbits and watermelon, how often do you give your rabbits watermelon, what is their reactions?

Let me know in the comment box below.

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