Best breeds of pig to start a pig farming business

breeds of pig

Viable breeds of pigs for your farm

Pig farming is the process and act of rearing/raising pigs for human consumption as meat or as raw material for industrial use. It is one of the most profitable agro-business because Pig has a very high reproductive capacity, highly resistant to harsh conditions, diseases, and have a long-lasting life when managed properly.

The demand for pig and its products is quite high and increases as the days go by both in the international market. They grow quickly under good management.

Unfortunately, many are not familiar with the rearing of pigs, this is mainly due to lack of knowledge about a pig, this is the main reason there are very few pig farmers even with the high demand of pig products, understanding the breed and nature of each breed of pig is an important factor in pig farming.

Here we will be discussing the different breeds of pig.

List of breeds of pig

Yorkshire breeds of Pigs

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The Yorkshire breed of pigs also known as large white was developed in England around the 1760s through crossbreeding. Considered the most widely distributed breed of pig in the world, Yorkshire are white in color, has a long body with erect ears.

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They are muscular. Yorkshire pigs are great in reproduction, this is why they are considered great mothers. They have a live weight of 300kg to 500kg for boar, 200kg to 35kg for a sow.

Yorkshire’s skin is sensitive, they are not ideally suited to free-range pasture systems (extensive system farming) mainly because of fear of sunburn due to their sensitive white skin and ears.

  Landrace breeds of Pigs breeds of pigPicture from

The Landrace breed of pig is any of a group of standardized breeds of domestic pig that are of the Danish origin. The Landrace has white skin with all white hairs, heavy, shaggy ears They have long bodies, long snouts, and fine hair.

The Landrace can weigh between 450 and 700 pounds. They are proficient in reproduction and make good mothers.

List of Landrace pig breeds

Here are the most common Landrace pig breeds. British Landrace pig South African Landrace pig

  • Bulgarian Landrace pig
  • Canadian Landrace pig
  • American Landrace pig
  • Dutch Landrace pig
  • Danish Landrace pig
  • Belgian Landrace pig
  • French Landrace pig
  • Polish Landrace pig
  • Norwegian Landrace pig
  • Italian Landrace pig
  • German Landrace pig
  • Swedish Landrace pig

Berkshire breeds of pigs breeds of pigPicture from

Berkshire breed of pig is a breed of pig originating from Berkshire, England. They are black, but also have white socks-like color from the knee down and a white blaze found on its snout.

The black color is a result of crossbreeding.

Welsh breeds of pig

Originated from Wales, the Welsh breed of pigs is a large white breed with a long, pear-shaped body and lop-ears. The Welsh pigs have thin skin with a fine and straight coat.

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The Welsh pigs are white in color with few black spots, lopped ears, flat shoulders, and a straight nose. The forelegs are set apart, they have a thick and smooth tail. The hind legs straight and set apart.

Hampshire breeds of Pig

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The Hampshire breed of pig has an erect ear, a black body, and a white band around the middle, covering the front legs. They are good-tempered, well-muscled, and grows rapidly. They are good carcass when used as meat.

They are proficient in reproduction and perform well as mothers. They are black with a white belt completely around its body, including its front legs and feet. Hampshire pigs have a wide forehead and their eyes are far apart.

They have upright ears, a long neck, large feet, and a high tail.

Sushan breeds of pigbreeds of pigPicture from Wikipedia

The Sushan pig is a breed of high-quality lean pig gotten as a result crossbreeding local pigs with foreign pigs, this was done by the Institute of Animal Husbandry of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences China.

They are known for their high yield, weighs up to 786g, they have high resistance to stress and drought. Sushan pigs are white in color, have medium-sized head and ears and flat abdomen.

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The limbs are strong, adult boar has an average of 225.3 kg bodyweight while the adult sows have a bodyweight of 190.4 kg.

They are good for breeding. Red Wattle hog breeds of Pigs The Red Wattle hog breed of pig originated from the United States.

It is named Red Wattle because of its red color and distinctive wattle. The Red Wattle hog pis grows fast, they have high resistance to disease. They are calm and easy to manage, they have good mothering ability.

They weigh from 270–360 kg).

Large White breeds of Pigs


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The Large White breed of pig is a British breed of domestic pig. It produced from the old Yorkshire breed from the county of Yorkshire, in northern England.

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The Large White is big in size, white bread of pig, with erect ears and a slightly dished face. It is widely used in crossbreeding. It is known for its meat production.

Tamworth breeds of pig

breeds of pigThe Tamworth breed of pig also known as Sandy Back , is a breed of domestic pig originating from Tamworth, Staffordshire United Kingdom.

They are gold-red in color, they have a lot of hairs that are straight and thin. Their faces are slightly caved and they have a wide gap between their ears.

They have large ears that point up. They have erected and pointed ears. They have a long neck and legs. Tamworth pig is known for having an excellent foot structure and a good skeletal system. They are good for crossbreeding. Their ham structure is muscular and firm.

Danish Landrace breed of Pig

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The Danish Landrace breed of pig is a medium-to-large in size. They are white in color and have fine hair. The Danish breed of pig has a long snout with large ears that drops forwards.

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They are good for port and are mostly bred for the purpose of pork production. There are two main varieties of the Danish breed of pig, the white and the piebald. There are other known breeds of pigs and many more will come out due to constant crossbreeding.


The breed of pig is one of the known factors to consider in pig farming, farmers are therefore advised to take note of the breeds with suitable qualities for farming before setting up their pig farm.

The breed plays key role in the survival of your pigs, good note should be taken about the breeds before setting up your farm.

Are you are pig farmer? Or you are hoping to start a pig farm, lets know your thought about discussed breeds of pig in the comment  box below. Questions and Suggestions are also allowed.



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