Why some snail farmers fail: 8 breeding snails for profit tips

breeding snails for profit

Tips on breeding snails for profit

The sole purpose of agribusiness aside satisfying man’s immediate food demand is to make a profit.

Agricultural products undergo several processing stages before they are brought to the market.

Snails are no exception to this, there are lots of management practices involved in the rearing of a snail, all geared towards producing snails capable of huge returns as profits.

Breeding snails for profit is not new to the snail farming world but how many actually make a good return of investment from snail farming?

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This is a big question yet to be answered

Here, we will unravel practices that limits your chances of making it from snail farming as a snail farmer.

These practices are the reason most snail farmers don’t succeed after investing so much time and energy on their farm.

Unfortunately, these practices are seen growing greatly among snail farmers.

breeding snails for profit

I urge you to read along and avoid these practices, they appear unimportant but from a business point of snail farming, they are far limiting.

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Why some snail farmers fail

Have you ever wondered why some snail farmers don’t get good returns even though they invest so much energy and time in their snail farms?

Just like in every other business, many understand the tricks of making a profit from what they are doing while many don’t, it’s that simple.

  • Taking snail farming as a leisure agribusiness

Have you noticed that for long now, most snail farmers see snail farming for what they feel it is (side hustles) and not what it offers (employment opportunities, jobs, wealth creation, and raw material)?

This attitude is seen existing more among farmers in the rural areas, while one can say they are not to be blamed because most of the rural snail farmers are not exposed to the realities of snail farming.

It also implies that we have failed in carrying out our responsibilities of educating these farmers on what agriculture in general is or should be.

On breeding snails for profit, every snail farmer needs to understand that Snail farming is a serious business and should be taken as one.

It is not an agribusiness you engage in just for the fun of it, you do it for the profit and opportunities it offers.

Therefore, your approach should be that of one in a serious business, not one having fun or taking a leisure time to experiment on agribusiness.

Agriculture shouldn’t be a side hustle, it should be business.


  • Snail farmers and lovers of agriculture (in general) should understand that agriculture is not just a venture you rely on when all hope is gone.
  • If it wasn’t before, it has become a serious business and moves the world economy.
  • Even when done for leisure, there should be a serious business plan backing it.
  • This way snail farmers will make a huge profit because more strategic business plans will be used to run it.
  • Lack of understanding of the market and consumer preferences

Have you noticed as a snail farmer that there are times people’s demand for snail is high while at some point the rate of demand just goes down?

Studying the market is helpful in breeding snails for profit.

A change in the price (increase in price due to high demand) of Achetina Achetina in the market, is a great opportunity to make a profit.

Certainly, some snail farmers who don’t study the market won’t know about this change, (they only think about the market when their snails are mature enough for sale).

breeding snails for profit

This is the time you need to make more sales, target the restaurants, the markets, and individuals who need snails, contact them and distribute your sales to them.

High supply and sales within this period will lead to more profit.


Understanding (snail) consumers behaviour is a good way to making the most out of the market.

You need to understand the time they tend to demand snail more, the time people consume more snails and the time they don’t.

You also need to understand the time most snail farmers don’t produce snails for sales due to difficulties doing so possibly propelled by climatic changes or other changes.

This will help you understand when to be in the market and when not to, when you can make profit from sales and when the profit will be lower.

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  • Lack of strategic decision making 

One general behaviour with snail farmers over the years is following what others are doing or what has been there over time, No, that’s not how it works.

You should look towards what works for you, what others are not doing right, how to improve on your ability.

These are where you should focus on, study the changes with the farm as a system, snails are readily affected by climates and other natural changes.

Being conversant with these changes will help you understand how to turn them in your favour.

It is a common knowledge that snails go into extinction during harsh weather and uncomfortable climatic conditions, how do you manage this?

Snails generally are found to be scarce at this time, this is an opportunity for profit (Snail for profit).

You must manage your snail in a way that, you can comfortably make sales during this period.


Your planning and decisions should be based on what will acquire more profit for you.

Study the demand for snail at every time of the season and how they affect sales, then sell when the demand is high with a record of low supply in the market.

  • Lack recordkeeping of farm actives 

As a farmer, you must learn the habit of keeping records of your actives, when it comes to breeding snails for profit what comes into the farm and goes out should be recorded.

This will help you study your farm, understand when you are at a loss, when you are making the right decisions and when you are making the wrong decisions.

Keeping a good record of all your farm activities is one of the best ways to engage in breeding snails for profit.

Your record should contain both in and out of the farm activities that relate to the farm.


Keep a good record of the farm actives, it’s a good start to making profit. It helps in the decision-making process of the farm.

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  • Lack of Cost management strategies

In snail farming, there are different practices you can inculcate in your farm to reduce running cost.

Sometimes last three years, I met a snail farmer who feeds his snails only twice a week and they looked so fresh and healthy.

On interaction, he revealed to me that he feeds his snail less because he found out that they needed more suitable soil, calcium and presence of water than food, that’s because snails tend to recycle food.

He provides green leaves and other raw non-costly materials to supplement the little food given to them. These and many more are a good way to reduce costs.


Study/observe your snails, understand their behaviour, what they can’t do without and what makes them grow better.

It may not even be the constant food you give them. 

When all these parameters are available you can use them to minimize costs by scrapping the ones not contributing to the growth of the farm.

benefits of snail meat

Lack of mentorship while breeding snails for profit

The purpose of having a mentor is to help you build on what you already know and enlighten you on what you don’t know.

This is a good way to reduce cost, he/she would inform you of what you should spend on and what not to spend on.

It is better than spending on certain materials, only to find out that it is not as important as you think.


Have a mentor, someone who will put you through and advise you when you need it.

He/she is like your guide, his presence on the farm will help your decision making. 

This will ad your breeding snails for profit chances.

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Conclusively, breeding snails for profit is all about making the right decisions, knowing what to do at any point and when to do it

Understanding when to hatch, market, when to sell and when not to sell.

It involves planning your snail farm very well to reduce the cost of operation and improve profitability.

It involves the daily management practices in your snail farm, the production practices, husbandry practices, and techniques that are targeted at maximizing the efficiency of production and returning more profit.

Let us know from the comment box below, what is your thought on the snail for profit, what are the management practices that help you increase your earnings why reducing cost. We would love to know, share it with us in the comment box below.


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