10 essential benefits of watermelon farming business

10 essential benefits of watermelon farming business

The benefits of watermelon are numerous, watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus) is a warm, long-season crop with a vine-like structure, that hails from Africa.

It is eaten by many for its nutritional benefits, watermelon has over 1,200 varieties in the world.

It is 92% water, contains only 46 calories per cup, and has zero fat.

Watermelon farming has increased in its popularity in recent times in a bid to meet up with the increasing market demand of watermelon.

This increase in demand for watermelon indicates the need for more farmers to engage in watermelon farming business.

In this short article, we will walk you through the benefits of watermelon farming business.

benefits of watermelon farming

You will understand what you stand to benefit by starting a watermelon business.

Lastly, why you need to invest in watermelon farming business and what to note before starting watermelon business.

If you by any chance have doubt about the profitability of watermelon farming.

I am here to tell you that, watermelon farming is greatly profitable, and also rewarding, it benefits cut across its farming processes.

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But you must understand the planting processes if you aim to succeed in watermelon farming.

You can find out how to plant watermelon properly by clicking the link below.

Here ere are the unique benefits of investing in watermelon business.

These benefits are the major reason you will be making a great choice by investing in watermelon business.

how to plant watermelon

Benefits of watermelon farming business

Watermelon farming is beneficial in the following ways

  • Watermelon has a very short gestation period
  • Watermelon farming business has a very high return on investment
  • Watermelon is easy to plant
  • There is an increasing demand for watermelon in the market
  • The market is very available
  • Watermelon has numerous health benefit of watermelon
      1. Watermelon helps you hydrate
      2. Watermelon is an important fruit in weight loss
      3. Watermelon improves the health of the heart
      4. Watermelon reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in the body
      5. Skin and hair maintenance
      6. Watermelon aids in digestion
  • Watermelon has a high survival rate

varieties of watermelon

1. Watermelon has a very short gestation period

Of all the numerous benefits of watermelon farming, its shot gestation period ensures fast return on investment.

Gestation period is the period between planting and harvesting, watermelon has a gestation period of 85 days or less, that’s less than three months.

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Let say you took a loan from the bank to start your watermelon farming business

Servicing the loan won’t be difficult because you get your product ready within 85 days of planting.

2. Watermelon has a very high return on investment

This is one of the best benefits of watermelon farming business, watermelon business has a high return on investment, it can be as high as 300 to 600%.

Depending on the accuracy of your management practices and how favourable they reflect on your yield.

Now with #100,000 investment, you stand a chance of getting #600,000 or more within 85 days (less than three months), that’s awesome.

3. Watermelon is easy to plant

Watermelon is one of the easiest crops to plant, manage, harvest and sell, it is not tasking demanding, has a high survival rate with good management.

As a single farmer, you can easily plant and manage a large expanse of watermelon farm.

4. The demand for watermelon is increasing in market

benefits of watermelon farming

The Watermelon Market Research Report analysis shows that, the watermelon market is growing at a steady rate and with the rising adoption of strategies by key players.

The market is expected to rise over the projected horizon.

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The global Watermelon market is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate during the in the next years to come.

Well, that’s a good deal, the demand will keep growing as you can see.

5. The market is very available

Due to its nutritional value, watermelon is very much EASY to sell, buyers do come to the farm to book purchase even before they are harvested.

6. Watermelon has numerous health benefits

Watermelon not only conjures up good vibes, but it is also oozing with incredible nutritional and health benefits.

Due to its water content, it sometimes serves as a source of water for human consumption.

The fruit also boasts abundant nutrients such as vitamins C, A, B and potassium.

Aside from low calories and the presence of lycopene, Watermelon boasts a lot of health benefits.

  • Watermelon helps you hydrate

benefits of watermelon farming

One of the major reasons why we take water is to keep the body hydrated for the proper functioning of the body organs.

However, water can also be derived from the food we eat, interestingly, watermelon contains 92% water.

Combining water and fibre results in low calory.

Watermelon is a good source of hydration during dryness like on hot sunny days. Taking watermelon refreshes the body and energizes the organs.

It can also help reduce morning sickness in pregnant women by restoring lost hydration.

In addition to restoring lost hydration, it also serves as a natural aid for easing heartburn and reducing swelling.

  •  Watermelon is an important fruit in weight loss

Watermelon is among the fruits recommended for people that wish to lose weight, and it also aids digestion.

Watermelon contains fiber which provides bulk for your stool and help speed up the movement of waste through your digestive tract.

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Water on the other hand helps to keep your digestive tracks clean and provide ease of movement in the digestive tract.

  • Watermelon improves the health of the heart

benefits of watermelon farming

Watermelon contains citrulline which is an amino acid that helps increase nitric oxide level in the body.

The nitric oxide helps to dilate blood vessels in the body.

By dilating, the blood vessel, the blood vessels become larger and more blood flows.

This process reduces the tendency of heart attacks and stroke

  •  Watermelon reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in the body

Inflammation and oxidative stress which lead to oxidative damage (a major cause of many chronic diseases) can be reduced by regular intake of watermelon, due to the presence of lycopene in watermelon.

Lycopene is a major component of watermelon and is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant carotenoid, its antioxidant activities lower blood pressure levels and oxidative stress.

This prevents chronic disease in the body.

  • Skin and hair maintenance

Watermelon contains large amounts of vitamins C and A, which play a critical role in the health of your hair and skin.

While vitamin A aids in the creation and repair of skin cells, vitamin C helps the body in making collagen, a protein substance that helps smoothen your skin and make your hairs strong, it is also of natural anti-ageing benefit.

Lack of vitamin A in the body makes the skin dry and flaky.

  • Watermelon aids in digestion

Watermelon as earlier stated contains water which reduces difficulties during digestion, it also contains fiber which helps to maintain healthy digestive tract in the body.

7. Watermelon has a high survival rate

Health benefits of watermelon

Of all the benefits of watermelon farming business, watermelon’s high survival rate is a plus in watermelon business.

Unlike in other fruits, watermelon hardly dies when properly managed.

This doesn’t go without stating that you need the right knowledge about watermelon to be successful in farming watermelon.

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It can withstand pressure once it has passed its post-germination stages.

8. Watermelon farming is less stressful

When compared to other fruits, watermelon farming business is less stressful, it though requires care but with good management practices.

You can easily run your farm; you can manage a large farm without seeking for help.

With this, I believe we have done justice to the benefits of watermelon farming business, there are more which we may have not covered.

From the benefits discussed so far, you obviously can see that watermelon farming is a good business, you can engage in it personally or in cooperative.

Now, if you want to invest in watermelon farming, here are what you must note.

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Steps to take to succeed in watermelon farming business

  • You must get trained: Proper training is needed to manage a watermelon farm busines properly.

Without properly training, you may not be able to manage your farm very well, this in due time may lead to loss of plants and loss of investment generally.

  • Ensure you have suitable land: To get the best out of watermelon farming, ensure you plant watermelon in a fertile land, the productivity is always higher.
  • Irrigate your farm very well: Watermelon needs proper irrigation in most cases to survive.
  • Properly control pest and disease: Diseases are dangerious to watermelon farming, if not controlled, they can lead to loss.

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The above factors are key to your successful watermelon farming journey, you need to take note of them while starting your watermelon farm.

Summary of why you should start a watermelon farming business

There are lots more benefits of watermelon farming, that we may not be able to cover here.

But am convinced that you have seen enough to consider adding watermelon planting in your next farming.

So, I want to put this out to you, will you be investing in watermelon farming business if you have the requirements to succeed?

Let me know in the comment box below.

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