Essential benefits of snail farming business [why you should consider snail farming business] 

benefits of snail farming

Benefits of snail farming business: 11 Reasons why you should consider starting snail farming

If you wish to go into snail farming business but have doubts about whether or not it’s a good business for you?

Or you want to understand whether or not the business is viable, then this post is for you.

The truth is, there has been a lot of exaggerating write-up about snail farming but, those are not far from the truth.

The benefits of snail farming are way too enormous and by a large distance, outweighs its disadvantages. It is among the most profitable agribusiness out there.

And in this article, I will show you why I made such a bold statement.

I enjoin you to read till the end of this post, you will find out whether or not, you should go into the business of snail farming.

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Here are the benefits of snail farming business and the reason why you should invest in snail farming business 

Benefits of snail farming business 

Snail farming is beneficial in the following ways

  1. Snails are highly prolific
  2. Snail farming requires little capital to start
  3. Snails mature quickly
  4. Snails consume a wide variety of food
  5. Snail Farming business is less stressful
  6. Increasing demand for snails in the market
  7. Snail has several nutritional benefits
  8. Every part of the snail is sellable.
  9. They are eco-friendly
  10. Snail farming business has low risk involved.
  11. Snail farming business can be done by anyone.

benefits of snail farming

  1. Snails are highly prolific

Snails are hermaphrodite, this means that both male and female snails lay eggs.

Unlike other animals, every snail in your snail farm is a potential mother.

Snails lay eggs in clutches; each laying clutch can produce over 15 to 30 eggs.

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A single laying season can contain over 8 clutches depending on the specie of the snail and management pattern.

Now, a single snail can lay over 100 eggs (from 100 to 250 eggs) in a single laying season.

A snail can also have two (2) or more laying season in a year.

benefits of snail farming

Let’s assume you started your snail farm with 50 snails, and they mature, lay eggs and the eggs hatched well.

You will end up with nothing less than over five thousand snails on your farm.

You must know that; this won’t be possible if you don’t know how to hatch your snail eggs properly.

For you to hatch all your snail successfully, you need to learn How to hatch snail eggs properly.

If you don’t know how to hatch your snail eggs properly, you may incubate 100 eggs and only 50 will hatch.

With the high prolific nature of snails, you can easily expand your farm within a short period.

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   2. Snail farming requires little capital to start

Snail farming is not capital intensive, you can start with as little as #5,000.00 ($12) and run your farm successfully.

All you need is the knowledge on how to manage snails and a place to keep your snails. One thing is certain, for every pocket size, snail farming can accommodate.

You can be trained on how to start snail farming with just a thousand naira or thereabout. 

After your training, you can start with used and disposed tyres or construct a small snail pen. You can as well build hutch boxes; they are not costly to construct, you can do it yourself.

benefits of snail farming

Used drums, tanks and cans are also viable snail housing materials that one can get from anywhere without spending a fortune.

You can get your startup snails from the bush if you don’t want to buy from the market.

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  3. Snails mature quickly 

Snails are capable of growing to maturity within five (5) to eight (8) months after hatching (birth) depending on how they are managed.

This makes it possible for a rapid expansion of your farm. 

This is one advantage of snail farming; the rapid rate with which your farm can expand is sometimes unimaginable.

To manage your snails properly, you need to feed the snails the right proportion of food.

Ensure that the pens are kept clean all the time, this will reduce insect invasion.

Insects, when allowed into the snail pen, grow and multiply with time and attack the snails, this will lead to the death of your snails.

  4. Snails consume a wide variety of food

Unlike in poultry, piggery or sheep, Snails consume a wide variety of food.

Snail food ranges from leaves, fruits, flowers, which are readily available in the market and beside you.

You can get your snail food anywhere and anytime, you don’t even have to spend to do so, you only need to make out time for your snail food.

What snails eat

Did I also tell you that they don’t eat all the time (unlike poultry)?

You don’t necessarily require daily feeding. Snails record high productivity on a once or twice in three days feeding systems. 

The food should be rich in calcium and the soils in the pen, moderately moist.

Ensure that you vary their food based on what they enjoy, you can learn more about snail food using the link below.

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5. Snail Farming is less stressful

Rearing snail is less time consuming and stress-free when compared with other livestock. 

Snails demand little or no time from the farmer, you can operate a daily evening visit to your farm or once in two days if you so desire.

You don’t have to always be in your farm as seen in poultry or rabbit farming.

Once you provide your snails with the needed food materials, protection from sun and insect, they are ok.

They don’t even appreciate your disturbance, so your being in the farm day and night is not needed by the snails.

6. There is an increasing demand for snail in the market

The demand for snail in Nigeria and Africa is largely increasing.

It has grossly surpassed the supply of snail and its product in the market, making snails more expensive than it used to be. 

Snails have become a major diet in many African homes, yet mostly unaffordable due to its scarce nature.

Currently, there are over 14 million annual demand for snail in Africa alone. There is also an increasing export demand for snail and snail by-products.

snail meat

This is because snail by-products are used for several industrial purposes such as the production of cosmetics and other skincare products.

With the demand for snail being higher than the supply of snail in the current market both locally and internationally.

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It is wise for anyone to invest in snail farming.

Snail farming is very lucrative and will remain, as long as its products still serve numerous production purposes and satisfy human demand. 

  7. Snail has several nutritional benefits

Aside from the above-listed benefits of snail farming, snail has a lot of nutritional benefits which ranges from rich protein content, low calories, rich minerals and vitamins.

Snail meat is basically the meat everyone should be on, it benefits all no matter your age.

snail business ideas

8. Every part of the snail is sellable.

Snail by-products such as its shell is sold in the market

The shell is used by industries as raw materials for the production of cosmetics and other skins care products.

The water gotten after cooking snail meat serve several nutritional benefits.

It is not just the snails meat, every other parts of snail is an important source of income generation.

The shell is used as raw material for the production of calcium, you can sell the shells to other snail farmers who transforms them to calcium.

9. They are eco-friendly

One unique feature of snails is that they can be kept in any environment and nobody will know.

This is because snails are quiet animals, they do not make noise.

how to treat soil for snail farming

Their droppings do not smell, so you can rear snails anywhere, inside the house, outside the house or in the backyard.

10. Snail Farming has a very Low risk

With snail farming, the risk of losses is very minimal when compared with other livestock.

Snails are very rugged and are hardly affected by disease outbreak unless you expose them carelessly.

Ensure that your snail house is secured and can protect the snails from external attack.

The snail pen should also be able to prevent insect and other organisms from entering and eventually attacking the snails.

You can do this by using nets (Mosquito net) to cover the top of the snail pen.

Always sort your snails, separate the bigger snails from the younger ones, this will prevent cannibalism.

  11. Snail farming can be done by anyone

Snail farming can be done by anyone at any place and time.  It does not select gender or age, place or time.

Its eco-friendly therefore can be done anywhere.

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Conclusively, one can see that the benefits of snail farming are way numerous.

You can easily learn about how to manage snails, start your snail farm and manage it successfully without spending out of your capacity.

Here is a recap of the benefits of snail farming that we discussed. The benefits of snail farming are

  1. Snails are highly prolific
  2. Snail farming requires little capital to start
  3. Snails mature quickly
  4. Snails consume a wide variety of food
  5. Snail Farming is less stressful
  6. Increasing demand for snail in the market
  7. Snail has several nutritional benefits
  8. Every part of the snail is sellable.
  9. They are eco-friendly
  10. Low risk
  11. Snail farming can be done by anyone.

Before we conclude, how can you rate the benefits of snail farming discussed above?

Are they enough to convince you to start your snail farming?

Let me know in the comment box below.


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