11 essential benefits of rabbit meat [Why rabbit meat is better than chicken, ram, goat and beef]

New Zealand rabbit breed

Benefits of rabbit meat, why you should eat more of rabbit meat, less of goat, chicken and beef

Rabbit meat, just like every other meat, goes well in stews, soups and casseroles but not many are aware of the nutritional benefits of rabbit meat. 

This is why in many homes today, rabbit meat is not considered part of our daily meal. Except for very few who are aware of the benefits of rabbit meat and enjoy it at home.

Many are unaware and therefore, hardly take rabbit meat. In this article, I will share with you the benefits of rabbit meat. 

You will understand the different major nutrients contained in rabbit meat and how important they are to your body.

Chinchilla rabbit

You will also understand why you need to eat more rabbit meat than goat, beef, chicken and cow meat.

Without wasting time, here are the health benefits of rabbit meats.

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Benefits of rabbit meat

  • Rabbit meat has a low-fat content.

Benefits of rabbit meat

The diet and lifestyle of rabbits contribute to their low body fat levels.

Rabbit eat a diet of fibrous foods like roots, seeds and grains.

Therefore, their meat contains the least amount of fat when compared to other available meats particularly beef.

Rabbit meat has a total fat content of just 3.5g, that’s 5% of its total nutrient content.

Due to its low-fat content, rabbit meat can make it easier to reduce your calorie intake without giving up flavour. 

  • Rabbit meat has a high percentage of easily digestible protein

Benefits of rabbit meat

Rabbit meat is packed with easily digestible protein. 

Protein digestibility refers to how well a given protein is digested.

It determines the values for Protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) and Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS) respectively.

Protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) is a procedure for assessing the quality of a protein with regards to amino acid demand of human and their ability to digest it.

While Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS) determines amino acid digestibility, 

It provides an accurate measure of the amounts of amino acids absorbed by the body and the protein’s contribution to human amino acid and nitrogen requirements.

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Rabbit meat also delivers about 18 grams of protein fewer than 2 grams of fat and no carbohydrates 

  • The calcium and phosphorus content of rabbit meat is higher than other meats.

Phosphorus is the second most plentiful mineral in the body with calcium being the first. Phosphorus is needed in the body for many functions such as filtering of waste, tissue and cell repairs.

It also helps in keeping the bones strong, and in maintaining a regular heartbeat. Phosphorus facilitates nerve conduction, move the muscles.

It also helps the body store and uses energy, keeps the bone strong and healthy.  Phosphorus also work with calcium to build bones 

Calcium on the other hand plays an important role in the body, such can be seen in bone development and maintenance.

It also helps to regulate muscle contraction, plays important role in blood clotting, and act as a co-factor for enzymes.

Eating rabbit meat provides you with a very high quantity of these two very important elements, calcium and phosphorus than other white meats available.

  • Rabbit meat has very low cholesterol compared to other commonly consumed meat.

Cholesterol aids your body to build new cells, produce hormones insulate nerves.

BUT too much cholesterol in your body is a risk factor for heart disease.

There are 57miligrams of cholesterol in every 100garms of rabbit meat.

This is lower than that contained in other commonly consumed meats like beef, cow, goat and chicken.

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Rabbit meat, therefore, is heart patient-friendly.

Below is a diagrammatic representation of the cholesterol level of rabbit and other commonly consumed meat

Benefits of rabbit meat

  • Rabbit meat contains quality minerals and vitamins

 Aside from protein, rabbit meat contains a significantly large amount of vitamins and mineral. 

In every 100grams of rabbit meat, you will find the following amounts of vitamins and minerals

    •  12 percent of the DV for riboflavin (vitamin B2)
    • 298 percent of the DV for vitamin B12
    • 29 percent of the DV for vitamin B6
    • 45 percent of the DV for niacin (vitamin B3)
    • 16 percent of the DV for vitamin B5
    • 8 percent of the DV for thiamin (vitamin B1).

DV used above means Daily Value

Rabbit meat has the highest concentration of iron among other available white meats. 

In comparison with beef and chicken, rabbit meat has the highest amount of magnesium, copper, zinc and potassium.

  • The sodium content of rabbit meat is comparatively less than other meats.

Rabbit meat contains a very low amount of sodium, food with a low amount of sodium is very good for the health of the heart. 

Also, rabbit meat contains potassium which will make sure the amount sodium in the blood is safe for human body metabolism.

  • Rabbit meat reduces the risk of cancer

White meat unlike red has a negative association with the risk of gastric cancer.

In addition to that, rabbit meat contains conjugated linoleic acid which has anti-carcinogenic effects. 

This makes rabbit meat good for cancer prevention.

  • Rabbit meat is anti-diabetic

Rabbit meat is recommended for people with diabetics, this is due to its low fat and cholesterol content.

The conjugated linoleic acid found it rabbit is also anti-obesity and is capable of ameliorating diabetics.

  • Rich in omega-3 fatty and Omega-6 acid 

Even though rabbit meat is significantly low in fat, it contains about 220mg of omega-3 and 860mg of Omega-6 fatty acids respectively. 

Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are vital in the body.

An omega-3 fatty acid is an essential part of the human cell membrane, it also helps in supporting heart health.

It supports mental health, fights inflammation and decreases liver fat.

Omega-3 fats are essential in the body and must be part of our diet. 

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Omega-6 on the other hand, mainly provide the body with energy, but the body needs more of Omega-3 than 6.

  • Rabbit meat is very useful and ideal for pregnant women

Pregnant women need healthy and easy to digest food and meat rich in nutrient.

Rabbit meat contains rich vitamin, protein and mineral. Rabbit meat is one of the best white meat available in the market

  • Rabbit meat contains less calorie value than other meats

Benefits of rabbit meat

Even though rabbit meat has higher meat to bone rate, there is enough edible meat in the carcass than even chicken.

Rabbit meat still has low calories, this is another reason why rabbit meat is beneficial to people on weight loss diet.

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There are numerous benefits of rabbit meat, of course, we can’t state it all but the truth is, rabbit meat is more beneficial to you than goat, beef or chicken.

Here is a recap of the benefits of rabbit meat, rabbit has 

  • Rabbit meat has a low-fat content.
  • Rabbit meat has a high percentage of easily digestible protein
  • The calcium and phosphorus content of rabbit meat is higher than other meats.
  • Rabbit meat contains quality minerals and vitamins
  • The sodium content of rabbit meat is comparatively less than other meats.
  • Rabbit meat reduces the risk of cancer
  • Rabbit meat is anti-diabetic 
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty and Omega-6 acid 
  • Rabbit meat is very useful and ideal for pregnant women

Summary of benefits of rabbit meat.

Conclusively, the benefits of rabbit meat are somewhat enormous, it is significantly better than most available meats out there.

It is richer in protein compared to other meats, making it ideal for dieters and healthy eaters alike.

Contain low sodium content, reduces the risk of cancer, high calcium and phosphorus content, low-fat content.

The list is endless. 

I guess you have seen reason to make rabbit meat your next target when next you go out for some treat.

What do you think about the benefits of rabbit meat? is this enough reason to switch to rabbit meat?

Lets me know your thought in the comment box below, you don’t know how much I love to hear your opinion. 



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