10 essential benefits and limitations of rabbit farming business

benefits of rabbit farming business

10 essential benefits and limitations of rabbit farming business

Have you been pondering on whether or not you should start a rabbit farming business but isn’t convinced about rabbit farming?

Or, you want to know about the benefits of rabbit farming business in comparison to other livestock businesses?

This article will surely answer all those questions for you.

Rabbits are usually raised as a pet by many but rearing rabbit commercially is a great source of income and employment. 

The annual demand for rabbit products has increased globally over the years.

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Though beef, pork, goat and chicken are still controlling the meat market.

Rabbit is fast becoming a major competitor because of its numerous benefits.

benefits of rabbit farming business

Among which, you will find out soon

Here, we will look at the benefits of rabbit farming business.

You will get hold of the major reasons why farmers are encouraged to start rabbit farming over a few other livestock.

We will also look at the limitations or challenges encountered by farmers in rabbit farming business

Without further ado, here are the benefits of rabbit farming business.

Benefits of rabbit farming business 

  • Rabbits are highly prolific 

Rabbits gestate for only 30 days, and usually have litters of between 4 and 12 babies (kits), depending on the breed.

Once the babies are born, the doe can mate and get pregnant again as soon as the following day depending on the breed and how well it was managed.. 

Though in most cases, farmers usually give the doe break after giving birth. You can allow the doe (mature female rabbit), a week rest before another mating.

The break will help her regain strength for another round of birth.

benefits of rabbit farming business

Approximately, your doe can produce a litter twice every three or two and a half months.

If you maintain this pace and all the kits survive, you definitely will be looking at about 100 babies per season. 

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Over some time, all will be looking good for your farm. 

  • Rabbits are fast-growing animals 

Maturity time range is a huge point in livestock production, some livestock takes close to a year to mature.

Goat for instance will needs from Six to Eleven months to mature.

This is different in rabbits, an average rabbit reaches maturity 3-5 months, at 5 months of age, they are ready to reproduce.

This fast-growing nature of rabbits is a huge advantage in the rate of increment in the population of your rabbits as well as the expansion of your rabbit farm.

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  • Rabbits have a high meat production rate

Rabbits are great meat producers; they have a higher meat to bone ratio and are therefore known for their prolific nature in meat production. 

They are not just prolific in producing meat, rabbit meat is very nutritious.

According to Slow Food USA, rabbits can produce 6 pounds of meat on the same feed and water as the cow will produce 1 pound of meat on the same feed and water.

The table below shows the composition of rabbit meat


That’s how prolific they are in meat production.

  • They are environmentally friendly

Another admirable benefit of rabbit farming business is that rabbits are environmental-friendly animals. 

Even though they produce waste, their waste does not give offensive odour like that of poultry, pigs or cows.

benefits of rabbit farming business

Aside from that, they are quiet animals; with the way, rabbits looks and runs around.

One would expect that they will be violent and disturbing but no, they are not, especially, when taken care of.

This unique quiet and odourless nature of rabbit is the reason why you can comfortably rear them around the house without worries 

  • Rabbits have a short gestation period so they produce frequently 

As fast as rabbits grow, it also boasts a shot gestation period.

The gestation period of a rabbit is 29 to 31 days counting from the first day of mating.

Rabbits have an average gestation period of 31 days. In worst cases, 35 days, that basically a month.

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The rabbit gestation period is very short and considered one of the shortest in the animal kingdom.

Judging by this your rabbit can reproduce twice in every three months because they only need 35 days at most to carry and deliver the offspring.

This is a great advantage in rabbit farming business.

Your farm can easily expand with this reproduction system.

That won’t be said without stating that the doe needs to be managed well to sustain a twice in three months reproduction pattern.

  • There is High Market Potential in rabbit farming business

Of all the benefits of rabbit farming business, the market potential of rabbit farming is one that should trigger any farmer to invest in rabbit farming business.

Rabbit meat is highly nutritional, as a result, the consumption of rabbit is on the increase in many places.

Rabbit meat is more beneficial than that of goat, chicken, cow and pig in terms of nutritional content.

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 Rabbit products are also of industrial importance, they are used as raw materials in the industries.

Because of these different uses of rabbits, they attract a very good market both on the local, urban and international stage. 

The market potential of rabbit creates an opportunity to gain from both ends of the market as a farmer.

  •  Rabbit farming business requires a low startup capital

While we can easily name a lot of benefits of rabbit farming business, the startup requirement is of great importance.

The truth is that; depending on the type of rabbit house you want to construct.

You are probably going to spend much setting up your rabbit home.

The good thing though is that once that is done, you will need very little to carry out the operations and management of your rabbits.

For instance, in pig farming or poultry, feed take up 65% to 80% of expenses on the farm.

It is not so with rabbit because they feed mostly on common and easy to access products such as fresh hay (or grass) pellets etc.

limitations of rabbit farming business

In most case, you get more than 40% of rabbit food free around the house, market or bushes

Depending on the size of your farm, you don’t need to employ too many workers to manage your farm with you 

Generally, the operational cost and requirement are lower than in pig, poultry, fish and other common livestock.

  • Quick returns on investment 

With rabbit farming, you can get your return on investment as fast as one year or less after establishment. 

They have a rapid growth rate, prolific inbreeding and are highly sort after.

The rabbit market is very viable, chances are your rabbits could be booked before they mature.

Therefore, you can gain back your investment cost within a short period of time.

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  • The Risks of Losing in rabbit farming is Minimal

One of the top benefits of rabbit farming business is that as long as you manage your rabbits properly, the risk of losing is very low.

You need to ensure that the rabbit house is secure, clean and well ventilated.

A clean farm ensures that the rabbit stays free from a disease outbreak.

When managed well, rabbits are very rugged, their resistivity increases.

Another tip that can increase the survival of your rabbits is to regularly supply them with water.

Proper feeding is also needed to maintain good health, a well-fed rabbit is a happy rabbit.

You must ensure that your rabbits are fed properly to increase their health status.

With this kind of low mortality in rabbits, one can easily make profit in rabbit farming business. 

  • Rabbit farming business provides an alternative source of Employment 

In many countries especially in Africa, unemployment is a major issue 

There is a growing number of working-class while there is less workspace.

Opportunities need to be created through other means except for the industrial means

Commercial production of rabbits provides such alternative means of wealth creation

One can be employed as a worker, processor, farm manager, financial manager of the farm, marketer, logistics manager etc. are all viable means of job creation.

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Limitations/problems of rabbit farming business 

1.   Temperature management: Temperature if not properly managed can cause a huge problem to the health of your rabbits.

2. Rabbit requires attention: Rabbits are attention-loving animals and this is what so many farmers don’t have time for. Even though they love attention, they don’t appreciate constant disturbance and noise.

rabbit farming

3. Lack of information about rabbit farming: There is little information out there about rabbit farming, rural farmers don’t’ have access to new updates and invention about rabbit farming.

4. Inadequacy of breeding stock: One of the biggest challenges rabbit farmers are facing is the lack of breeding stock, there are very few farmers who can boast of the availability of required breeding stock. This major challenge in rabbit production.

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5.  Scarcity if rabbit feed: Another very big challenge in rabbit farming is inadequate rabbit feeds: Not all farmers know how to prepare or formulate rabbit feed. Other limitations of rabbit farming include 

6. Lack of research and technical support from extension services.

7. Lack of access to credit and inadequate supply of equipment.


The benefits of rabbit farming business are numerous and present a positive argument over the challenges or limitations of rabbit farming business.

Here is a recap of  the benefits of rabbit farming business we discussed.

  • Rabbit farming business provides an alternative source of Employment 
  • The Risks of Losing Snails are Minimal
  • Quick returns on investment 
  • Rabbit farming business requires a low startup capital
  • There is High Market Potential in rabbit farming business
  • Rabbits have a short gestation period so they produce frequently 
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • Rabbits have a high meat production rate
  • Rabbits are fast-growing animals 
  • Rabbits are highly prolific 

The benefits are glaring and this is more reason more farmers should explore rabbit farming business as an option to other livestock.

You will surely make huge profit if you manage your farm very well.

Government and relevant agencies should encourage farmers through incentives and information accessibility. 

This way, more farmers will be pushed to invest more in rabbit farming business.

Okay, let’s put this out here now, how do you feel about rabbit farming business?

Looking at the benefits of rabbit farming business listed above, are you convinced that rabbit farming business is worth investing in?

Do you still have doubts about rabbit farming business?

Let’s share more ideas about the benefits of rabbit farming business, and its challenges in the comment box below.

Let’s talk.


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