How to become successful in Backyard snail farming [A complete beginners guide] - 2021

How to start and become successful in Backyard snail farming Business

To start a backyard snail farming, you need a little space in the house, a sail pen and source of food for your snails.

Backyard snail farming has become a golden option for intending snail farmers who cannot afford to construct bigger sized farms.


In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss how you can start backyard snail farming.

We will also examine the possible challenges, how to construct a backyard snail pen and many more.


How to start a backyard snail farming business


1. Learn about Snail Farming 

To start backyard snail farming, you need to first; acquire the right knowledge on how t rear snails.

You can register for training (either online or offline), good training will help you understand the behaviours of snails.


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How snails respond to their environment, you will also learn about snail food, how to construct your desired snail house.

Taking your time to undergo training is a great start to becoming successful in snail farming.


Good thing is, we have prepared a Step by step Snail Farming PDF Training guide for you.

It contains all you need to know, you will learn.


  • The behaviour and nature of snails and how snails respond to their environment.
  • What you must do before you can start your snail farm.
  • What you should do before constructing your snail farm
  • The types of snail farms you can build.
  • What you need for your farm and how to construct your snail farm
  • How to prepare the environment for your snails
  • How to get your snails and where to get your snails
  • The types of snails to farm or rear and where to get them.
  • What snails eat and how to formulate your snail food.
  • Where to get your snails food.
  •  How to introduce your snails to the pen.
  • How to manage your snails and take care of them.
  • Challenges of snail farming and how to handle them.
  •  Mistakes snail farmers make and how to avoid them.
  • And finally,
  • How to market and make a profit from snail farming.


To get the Step by step Snail Farming Training guide, click the button below


Download the Step by Step Snail Farming Training guide here 


2. Choose a suitable spot to construct your backyard snail pen

Once you are well equipped with the knowledge on how to manage snail and snail farms, you can proceed to choose the location of your farm.

One advantage of having your snail farm situated at home is that you can easily manage the farm.


If you live in your own house (not as a tenant), you can start a sizable backyard snail farming business on one side of the house.


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Even if you live in another man’s house as a tenant, you can obtain permission from the owner of the house since your pen (snail house) won’t consume much space.


Choose a part of the house where sun isn’t directly affecting, snails don’t appreciate sun.

If you have trees planted within the house, under such tree will be a good spot for your snail house.



Snails love very calm environment, if you have seen snails in the bush, you will notice that you always see them after rain 

When the weather is calm and the soil moist, that’s the nature of snails.

Your target is to create an environment that will replicate the natural snail loving environment.


Due to limited space, you have to choose a part of your backyard capable of containing your snails.

You can start with hutch boxes as your snail house.

You can also build a bigger snail house like the one in the picture below, that’s if you have space in your backyard.


snail farming at home


Below is another example but I do not advise you to do something of this nature because the snails are too exposed to invaders and harsh weather condition.


Snail house


You need to construct a snail house that you can easily control the temperature inside the house.

Other type of snail house you can construct for your backyard snail farming can be seen in the pictures below.


Backyard snail farming in Nigeria
Backyard snail pen

Indoor snail farming

benefits of snail farming
Hutch Box used for Backyard snail farming


You can as well get drum or cans. They are good when built well enough to protect the snails.

Don’t get bored about me mentioning securing the snails too many times.


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It is because they can’t save their own life, they depend on you. Here is how drum snails houses look like

Drum snail house


You can also use old tyres as long as they can offer protection and a good atmosphere for the snails.

3. Buy viable species of snail to start your farm

There are three main species of sail that you can start your farm with, they are the

  1. Achatina Fulica 
  2. Archachatina marginata

  3. Achatina Achatina


You can choose any of the three species, though Archachatina marginata is prefered by many farmers due to its large size.

It is the largest out of the three species, it also lays the least amount of eggs among the species.


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Achatina Achatina on the other hand is loved by many farmers because of it breeding power. 

It has high yielding capacity, most farmers prefer to keep both Archachatina marginata and Achatina Achatina.

You can click on the link below to read more about the three species and make your decision on which to rear.


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Where can I buy snails from?

 There are different ways to get breeding snails. You can buy from a trusted seller, from another snail farm, or you get naturally from the bush.

You wouldn’t want to buy from the market because the snails sold in the markets have been exposed to the environment.

They may have been affected internally by sun or other hazards in the environment.


Too much sun can reduce snail productivity so it is dangerous to buy from the open market. 

After buying or sourcing for your snails using your chosen means, introduce the snails into the pen (snail house).


Properly prepare the backyard snail pen before introducing your snails.

You can read more on how to prepare the snail pen before introducing your snails below.


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Your daily activities in managing your snails starts immediately after introducing the snails into the pen and the activities includes

  1. Cleaning the snail house from time to time.
  2. Ensuring that your snails are secured against invasion of any kind.
  3. Regulating the moisture in the snail pens.
  4. Properly Feeding the snails.

To feed your snails properly, you need to understand what snail eat

4. Feed your backyard snails

Feeding is important in backyard snail farming, just the same way it is in other livestock.

Food provide energy and body maintenance for the snails, their productivity increases with good diet.


Ensure your snails are well fed and with the right food, but what do backyard snails eat? Is there food different?


What do backyard snails eat?

Backyard snails eat Vegetable, fruits, Flowers, Tubers, calcium supplements and water.


You can check out our post on snail food and what to feed your backyard snails by clicking below


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You can feed them once in a day usually in the morning or twice a day, usually in the morning and evening.

Snails naturally don’t consume much food and they also feed so, it is easy to provide for them what they need to survive on.

Always supply water to the snails and ensure that the pens are moisture and not waterlogged.


How to feed snails to grow faster

For your snails to grow faster, you must ensure that they get enough calcium in their food.

You can formulate by yourself using snails shell, eggshells and other industrial materials.

You can also buy calcium from the market or fellow farmers. Fruits, tubers, flowers, vegetables.


Water and left-overs are also other important snails food, you will find more from the link above.

Water is also very important in how faster your snails grow, always supply water to the snails.

If possible, allow the snails access to natural water (rainfall), they enjoy natural water a lot.


5. Take good care of your backyard snails; cleaning their house, ensure security

It is not enough to feed the snails, cleaning and taking care of your backyard snails is important.

Observe the snails closely, this helps to find out any change in their response and handle such change ahead of time.


Always clean the snail pens, provide cover for the snails when the weather is extremely hot.

You can use banana leaves to cover the pens and sprinkle water over it to keep them moist and happy.


6. Harvest, Market and sell your backyard snails

Snails mature between six to seven months of age. At maturity, the brim of their shell becomes harder and thicker.

You must not harvest all the snails, you need to keep some for the continuity of your farm.

Harvesting of snails is just the act of selecting the mature ones so as to sell them.


7. How do you sell snails?

You can sell your snails anywhere, thanks to the increasing demand for snails, you can easily sell your snails once they are ready to be sold.

The market for snail is very much open, people buy from anywhere they can find it so where to sell your snails isn’t a problem.

You can sell to your consumers directly, you can also sell to restaurant, hotels and eateries.


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You can also supply to industries who demand snails products and use them as raw material for production purposes such as cream.

Other important backyard snail farming questions and their answers.


What is the cost of starting a backyard snail farming?

You can start a backyard snail farming with any amount, it all depends on the size of the farm you want.

You can always start small and grow your farm from there.

You don’t necessarily need to have a huge farm at your starting stage.

All you need is to be consistent with your farm and manage your snails very well.

You will grow bigger from there.


How much money do snail farmers make?

The amount snail farmers make depend on the number of snails they sell season and the price of snail when it is sold.

Snails are seasonal, this is the main reason snails farmers exist (to make snails available during the off-snail season).


During the dry season, snails are rare to see, this is the time, it becomes costly and the right time to do more selling than rearing.

It may sound easy to the ear but, it takes a good understanding of snails farming to keep snails during this season.


So, be calculative in selling your snails, understand when the demand is high with a very low supply, that is mostly the best time to make profit from snail farming.


Summary of Backyard snail farming

Starting backyard snail farm is easy, you only need a little space in your backyard, a snai pen and feeding your snails properly.

You can start with as little as 20 to 50 breeding snails. It is good you get a proper snail farming tutorial or training before starting your farm.

Don’t forget you can get our Step by step Snail Farming training guide using the button below.


Download the Step by Step Snail Farming Training guide here 


Depending on where you live, starting a backyard snail farming business isn’t costly.

I hope you have learned a lot from this work, if yes, kindly share this work using the social icon below.

You can also ask questions and share your thoughts in the comment box below.

We appreciate hearing from you.


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