Where to buy snails for farming in Nigeria

Where to buy snails for farming in Nigeria

You will, undoubtedly, need to buy snails if you want to start a snail farm in Nigeria. Given that the majority of your significant suppliers are located abroad, this can be challenging. However, you can still buy snails for your farm in Nigeria from a few locations and snail farms. You can start your snail farming business as soon as you read this post by learning where to acquire snails for farming in Nigeria.

Where to buy snails for farming in nigeria

Do you need sources where you may purchase snails? Here are a few locations where you can purchase those snails.

1. Freshwater Snails: This Lagos-based business sells live and frozen freshwater snails. Therefore, you should go there if you want to find both live and previously processed snails in one location.

2. Kebbi Fisheries: This business, which is based in Kebbi State, sells a variety of fresh, processed, and live snails that you can raise on your farm.

3. Kola Snail Farms: this is a well-known live snail supplier in Nigeria and is based in Lagos. They provide a wide range of snail species, including the largest land snail in the world, the African giant snail.

4. Okereke Snail Farm: Okereke Snail Farm, based in Anambra State, has been delivering live snails to customers all over Nigeria for more than 20 years. They provide a range of snail species, such as the common garden snail and the African giant snail.

5. Omoluabi Snail Farm: One of Nigeria’s biggest snail farms is situated in Ogun State. Both processed items made from snails and a range of live snails are available for purchase.

6. Ifeoma Snail Farm: This substantial farm, also in the state of Anambra, sells a range of live snails. They also sell other livestock like hens and goats in addition to snails.

7. Okunonke Snail Farm: Located in Lagos State, this small farm raises snails. African gigantic land snails are the specialty of Okunonke Snail Farm. So, you can go to this farm if you’re thinking about buying this specific breed in large quantities.

Why snail farming is a great business opportunity in Nigeria

1. Many Nigerian dishes feature snails as a delicacy. This indicates that there is a steady market for snails, making it a profitable business.

2. Establishing a snail farm is not too difficult or expensive. You only need some land and some essential tools.

3. Snails are eco-friendly creatures, and you can use their waste as fertilizer, making farming them sustainable.

4. Because snails reproduce quickly and don’t require much maintenance, farming them can help you earn a consistent income.

Basic tools used for snail rearing

1. Cutlass and Hoe
For digging in and around your snail farm, you’ll need a hoe. This means that in order to excavate the snail pen’s floor in order to find snail eggs, you will need a hoe.
Hoes and cutlasses are also very important for weeding the area around your snail farm to promote hygiene.

2. Feeding troughs and water

Use a feeding trough whenever you provide crushed items to snails, such as calcium, to prevent the food from getting wet in the soil’s already-humid environment.

Once more, you can use a shallow-depth plate that serves as a feeding or watering dish for snails.

The main purpose of your water trough is to provide a place for the snails to drink and bathe. However, to keep them from drowning, you must make sure the water trough is not too deep.

3. Wheelbarrow
When harvest time comes around, you can transfer a lot of snails as a snail farmer by using a wheelbarrow.
Additionally, you can bring bigger loads of soil to your agricultural site using a wheelbarrow.
A wheelbarrow is also useful because it makes it easier to transfer your snail food from one snail cage to another.

4. Baskets

When your snails are prepared to be harvested, you won’t collect them one at a time but rather in large numbers. Therefore, buckets will be necessary for you to do the task quickly.

5. Hand hammer
You must always use a hand trowel while mixing food for the snails since you cannot possibly want to dip your hands into the mixture. Therefore, you absolutely must purchase a hand trowel for your snail farm.

6. Can of water
Snails want a damp environment for comfort and growth, thus you should frequently moisten your snail farm.

A watering can, a tool used primarily to squirt water into the snail pens, is required to accomplish this.


After learning about the advantages and significance of raising snails, many people have grown interested in it over time. But the majority of these people have a problem: they don’t know where to get snails for their snail farming business. This article offers a list of some of the locations you can go to to get your snails and begin your snail farming business to address that problem.

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